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Why Investing in the Cloud is Investing in Customer Experience [VIDEO]

Jodi Warner
June 13, 2019

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Companies that recognize the importance of investing in technology and the software to help connect the dots with customers are the companies creating great customer experiences.

In a new video with a strong message, Jay Baer, customer experience expert and founder of Convince & Convert, shares some notable research: 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience. But how do companies create this “better” experience? Jay explains that one of the most significant investments companies can make is in moving CX software to the cloud.

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I can see why some companies are reluctant to invest in customer experience. It’s often viewed as a nice to have, not a must have. Yet, new research from Walker shows that 86% of your customers will pay more for a better customer experience.

I’m Jay Baer, founder of Convince & Convert and New York Times best-selling author, and I’m not suggesting that you simply pass along every CX investment through to your customers in the form of a price increase that they’ll swallow because the experience is improved. But, the data shows that just might work.

Meanwhile, there are other ways to save money on critical CX enhancements. Perhaps the most significant of these is moving CX software to the cloud. Not only does this save money on the software itself, it also improves implementation and innovation. Because after all, at scale, better CX is generally speaking about better data, and better usage of that data.

As best-selling author Don Peppers says: “The data-driven aspect of CX is extremely important. Most companies can’t connect the dots with customers. They need the technology and the software to help them string it all together and create a great customer experience.”

He’s exactly right, and it’s far faster to make that work in a cloud environment. How big of a difference is it between cloud-based CX vs. on premise? Are you ready for this? Check this out. Are you really ready?

The ROI of cloud-based CX software is 3.2 times higher than it is for on premise implementations, according to Nucleus Research. That advantage continues over time, because it’s far easier for software providers (like Oracle CX) to roll out enhancements and improvements to cloud-based installs.

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Go to now, and check it out for yourself.

I’m Jay Baer. Thanks for watching.

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