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What Makes a Modern Seller?

Erin Ollila
November 06, 2020

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Recently, Oracle, along with Beagle Research Group, interviewed 500 sales professionals for the Getting Past the Breaking Point of Yesterday’s CRM report. The research tells us more about the role of the modern seller and how they’re adapting to an increasingly digital sales world. Here are some of the findings from the report.

1. The modern seller works nontraditional hours

Today’s sales professional simply isn’t clocking in to a nine-to-five job. Instead, they’re working any time their prospects need them, putting their own work-life balance in jeopardy. In fact, many of the respondents reported taking calls while their colleagues were asleep, which helped them close deals. 52% make early-morning sales calls, and nearly just as many have calls late into the evening.

2. The modern seller works in unexpected places

If you ask a salesperson what the craziest place is that they conduct their job duties, you might hear some interesting answers. 90% of the survey respondents reported working in some very unusual places, such as in the car, at the gym, at their children’s sports games, in the doctor’s office, or even on a date. But that’s not all. 30% admitted to working in the bathroom—11% in the shower—making them masters of multitasking.

3. The modern seller is tired of wasting time

90% of sellers think certain aspects of their duties take much longer than they should. And this wasted time could be spent doing what they do best and enjoy doing — selling. Their biggest complaints include following up with seemingly uninterested prospects, tedious data entry such as entering notes and re-entering email data into a CRM, completing repetitive tasks that could be automated, or updating multiple systems that don’t “talk” to each other.

4. The modern seller wishes they had superpowers

Today’s sales professionals are working harder than ever, navigating the ever-changing digital and economic landscape. They are driven to excel and would prefer not to worry about the tedious day-to-day responsibilities that can bog down any modern salesperson. 98% of respondents wished for a superpower, and of those, one-third wished for the ability to predict the future. Some of the other top requested powers include having a perfect memory, superior focus, determining their prospect’s mood, being incredibly organized, and finally, reading their sales managers’ minds.

For more insights, download the Getting Past the Breaking Point of Yesterday’s CRM report.

Erin Ollila
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