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What Is CX? The Experts Weigh In With 3 Ways to Conceptualize It

Erin Ollila
February 11, 2019

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What is CX? For individuals working in the customer experience field, that question gets asked of them often. At its heart, CX is prioritizing the customer experience by strategizing and implementing a plan to move customers through their shopping journey with ease, and at its best, with pleasure. CX is about getting the consumer’s attention and delighting them throughout their overall experience with the brand. But, even with the simplest of definitions, some people still don’t fully understand CX.

What helps to make it really click is giving them an example to conceptualize customer experience. We asked three experts what they’d compare CX to, and here is what they said.

The customer experience is like the party experience

Ian Lurie, CEO and founder of Portent sees a direct correlation between attending a celebratory event and how brands approach customer experience.

He says, “CX is how a brand treats its customers. I’d compare it to attending a party: When you go to a party, you know the room, you dress appropriately, you make conversation, and then you observe and adjust your behavior based on each person’s response to you. You do all that as one person. CX approaches customer interaction the same way: One brand, taking a holistic view as it plans, executes and refines the way it works with customers.”

What is CX? Think of it like a romantic relationship

When you’re in a relationship, do you want to be romanced or casually regarded? Richard Shapiro, President of The Center For Client Retention believes that people want to be wooed, and brands should compare CX to relationships.

He says, “I often say, ‘Does your company want the customer experience to be just a series of random dates or a long-term romance?’ Most people like to be romanced; it makes them feel special.” Make plans to delight your customers. Build relationships instead of just interactions.

Customer experience is a well-oiled engine

Everyone can visualize an engine, and it may be a perfect tool to describe both good and bad approaches to customer experience.

“I like to compare customer experience to an engine,” says Jason Scott, a Digital Marketing Specialist at SessionCam. “A good customer experience would be likened to a well-oiled engine that starts well, runs smoothly, performs efficiently and doesn’t break-down.” He continues, “A poor customer experience could be likened to an old, rusty engine that takes a while to start, is clunky and inefficient and threatens breaking-down every time your change gear. To give the best possible CX, you customer journey needs to be seamless from end-to-end.”

The next time you’re asked “What is CX?” define it for them, but throw in one of these clear examples so they can conceptualize it too!

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