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What Emerging Technologies Are CX Heroes Excited About?

SmarterCX Team
January 31, 2019

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Technology is changing everything from how small businesses to big brands approach sales to how customers experience the process of both browsing and purchasing. The evolution of these tech tools is happening rapidly, so what will be the next big thing, and how will it affect how we do business?

At Modern CX 2018, 5 CX heroes were asked what emerging technologies they’re most excited about. Can you guess what they’ll be? Watch our interview with CX Heroes and read their thoughts below.

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AI’s timely data consumption and distribution

“The future technology I’m most excited about has to be AI and machine learning. And whilst I hope we’re not going to get taken over by robots, as I’m sure Hollywood would let us believe, I think that there’s a lot that AI and machine learning can really bring to what we do: the ability to review patterns, to crunch numbers in a much vaster way than we, as humans, can really consume data; to be able to proactively drive information to us at the right time. From a sales management point of view, there’s a lot of lag behavior. A sales manager decides, ‘Hey, I want to look at this piece of information now,’ or, ‘I want to explore this with my sales rep now,’ but we don’t know what opportunities we’re missing in those scenarios, where the manager isn’t able to consume all the data available to them.”

– Michael Taylor, CTO, BPI OnDemand

Tech tools with humanistic thought processes

“The industry is actually trending toward a touch-and-contact management to a no-touch environment, both in sales and customer service. And for this to happen, the machines need to think like human beings so that there is less human intervention. The processes are more automated. And that’s what excites me about the artificial intelligence and pattern-recognition tools.”

– Ravi Balakrishnan, Partner, Prisio Technologies

AI’s role in educating salespeople

“AI, artificial intelligence for sales makers. Sales makers, being one myself, they’re kind of a little bit lazy from time to time, not attention to detail, so having some intelligence behind the scenes inside the system, CRM, being able to educate them on what they should do next, it’s really, really powerful. So, I’m really excited about AI for sales.”

– Fred Wilkerson, CEO, BPI OnDemand

The transformation of the auto industry

“Well, my background is automotive, and I’m really excited about AI and what it’s going to do for the automotive customer experience. I can see it playing a very significant role in transforming from the traditional owner model to the new mobility models that you see coming from Uber, and what autonomous vehicles are going to bring to the industry.”

– David Mingle, Principal, CXAdvisors Group LLC

Rules teaching tech tools to respond

“We deal with a lot of rules that are enforced by the government. Some of our insurance carriers–even some of our clients–have specific rules, and a machine or a chatbot can actually enforce those rules continuously, without having an agent dig through knowledge articles to figure out what they’re supposed to say.”

– Corbin Midgley, Oracle Service Cloud Supervisor, Willis Towers Watson

The future of image search

“For me, future technology is a little fraught with chatbots and all of this stuff, but super recently, I had a great conversation with someone who’s working on image search, to be able to recognize specific things by taking a photo of it. Photos are easy for customers, so that’s got me super excited.”

Jessica Campbell, Program Manager – Customer Experience, Brother International Corporation


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