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AI and the Future Role of the Salesperson

Nathan Joynt
February 28, 2018

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This is a preview of an upcoming webinar: AI and the Future Role of the Salesperson, featuring Madhukar Kumar, Oracle’s VP of Product Strategy and Marketing for CX Cloud.

Disruption may be a principle of progress; but the current pace of disruption can be maddening. This is especially true for salespeople desperate to show results today. The answers are always going to be the same. Adopt modern sales best practices. Invest in innovation. Disrupt or be disrupted.

But it’s difficult to keep investing in emerging technology because sales leaders need to show results with the investments they’ve already made. This is partly why smart technology companies are embedding artificial intelligence into their products. This goes beyond CRM and SFA, to connect data, intelligence, and selling experiences.

We’ve gone from managing customer data and relationships on spreadsheets, to leveraging CRM and sales force automation technologies. We’re moving from siloed apps to cross-functional CX platforms and insights-driven selling. And tomorrow, we’ll move from insights and analytics to leveraging AI for personalized selling.

For a salesperson, the implication of AI is that more time can be spent focusing on real sales priorities and less time spent on non-selling, administrative tasks. Indeed, the future role of the salesperson may be better than it ever has been!

Join the live webinar on March 15, 2018

Want to learn more? Join the upcoming free webinar: AI and the Future Role of the Salesperson with Oracle’s Madhukar Kumar, where he’ll show a practical application of AI to assist your sales process.

Nathan Joynt
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