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Video Diaries Part 3: Discover 15 Video Personalities from CX Professionals

SmarterCX Team
June 26, 2020

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According to a recent FinanceBuzz survey, 75% of remote workers report having a dedicated home office space. While the majority of remote workers may have a designated work space, what they may not have is ideal lighting, a sound proof area, or a non-disruptive setup for video conferencing at home.

In the third part of our video call diaries series, we asked CX professionals if they fit one of the characters from the Zoom Zoo below. If they didn’t relate to one of the Zoom Zoo characters, they shared who they felt they were and why. Here’s what we discovered:

The Mime

“Can you hear me? Can you hear me now?” I’m definitely the mime. I often use my phone for audio in case my internet crashes, and I always double mute myself and forget to unmute on both devices.”

  • Srijana Angdembey, Social Marketing Director, CX, Oracle

The Tiger King

“I’m definitely the Tiger King! I have two kitties, one of whom loves to be where the people are, even if they’re in the computer. The other one, Amé, is often lounging somewhere in the same room but she generally doesn’t care to join the calls.”

  • Rose de Fremery, SmarterCX Contributor

The Fee Fi Fo Fum

“I’m a fee-fi-fo-fum because I’m constantly working in different spots around the house, without a second monitor, so the laptop angle is never great!”

  • Sarah Gaade, Snr. Manager, Campaigns OMC, CX, Oracle

The Informant

“I’m most definitely the informant. The lighting in my room is awful, and I’m either too brightly lit or usually all dark. Then I read the instructions from the New York Times article, ‘How to Look Good on Camera, According to Designer Tom Ford.’ I haven’t done all of the steps, but I did install a desk lamp behind the computer. I still can’t walk the runway but things are a little better.”

  • Poornima Apte, SmarterCX Contributor

The Cameo

“Unfortunately, I’ve been the cameo. My husband changed into his running shirt…in the background of my camera screen during a team call! I tried to play it cool, but I could definitely see a few people smiling and laughing. Let’s just say the husband now knows to stay out of sight for outfit changes during the workday.”

  • Jodi Warner, SmarterCX Editor

The 100% Wearing Pants

“I wish I could just roll out of bed and jump on a video call, but to tell you the truth, I feel unarmed when I don’t feel put-together. My makeup and clothes are like a bow and arrow!”

  • Marly Beste, Lead Storyteller, 90octane

The combo personalities

“I’m somewhere between a jungle gym and a George Lucas. So I guess that makes me, what, an Ewok Village?”

  • Scott Fassett, Associate Creative Director, 90octane

“I’m a complete mix of the mime and the jungle gym. My kids are 14, 5, and 1 so there are a lot of loud sounds in my house. From my oldest yelling at his video games to my younger two squealing with delight while playing with their toys, I try to always keep myself on mute until I need to speak. That being said, there’s always one point in a call where you can see my mouth moving but no sound because I forgot to unmute myself. Also, even though I try really hard to be in different rooms as my children while making a call, if they have access to me, they want to be a part of the call too. They’ll climb to sit on my shoulders, lay across my chest, and many times one of them has done the upside down look from the other side of my laptop screen.”

  • Erin Ollila, SmarterCX Contributor

“I’m somewhere between the mime and the zoo, depending on the day! But mostly I’m very grateful for the amazing technologies that can keep us connected and moving forward during these strange times.”

  • Liz Alton, SmarterCX Contributor

“I end up as the informant on my non-work calls as night falls. I’m usually not in a well-lit spot. For my work calls, I’d be something like ‘Born for This’, since the setup is ideal on all fronts (I’ve checked many of the tips for video conferencing articles), and I’m almost always far removed from kids, dogs, etc.

  • Kerby Meyers, SmarterCX Contributor

“My video call personality is a mixture between the bum who forgets to mute the mic, (disturbing everyone else talking) and the person with a cat roaming around in the background or on my laptop walking on buttons and incidentally sending weird messages on Skype. It makes for some entertaining and embarrassing moments, but it’s all good when you have coworkers who don’t mind a little fun!”

  • Muhammad HamzaShahid, Online Privacy/Security Advocate, BestVPN.co

The Facationers

“As a big fan of Zoom’s beach background, my video call personality would be dubbed ‘The Fake Vacationer’, aka ‘The Facationer’. Try using it from bed. It makes it look like you’re a bed-raft floating in the ocean, ideal for those ultra-serious meetings!”

  • Erik Mathes, SmarterCX Contributor

The Hippo in the Henhouse

“I would probably describe my persona as the hippo hiding in the henhouse. As a speaker, author, and coach, I’m often leading conferences, so when I attend one as a guest, I like to keep my head down and just listen.”

The Trapped City Dweller

“I’ve had to go on mute, mid-sentence because of sirens (then the dog howling to mimic the sirens), construction, tree trimming, and movers yelling at each other. Throw on top of that, the entire building water shuts off for 5 hours at a time.

As I write this, a dump truck is doing who knows what outside, but the beeping won’t stop!”

  • David Weinberg, Account Supervisor, 90octane

The Shifter

“I’m something like ‘never quite comfortable’ or ‘unergonomic’ as I cannot stay still and am constantly shifting my seating position on every call.”

  • Chris Connor, Account Director, 90octane

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