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Video Diaries Part 2: Biggest Video Call Pet Peeves from CX Professionals

SmarterCX Team
June 05, 2020

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The use of video conference apps and tools has soared over the last few months. According to Zoom, they recently surpassed 300 million daily meeting participants. While video calls may be becoming more prevalent in your day-to-day, pet peeves and annoyances are bound to come along with them.

In the second part of our video call diaries series, we asked CX professionals about their biggest video call pet peeves from frustrations with callers forgetting to mute or unmute themselves to late arrivals.

The frantic typer

“Not muting yourself, especially if you’ve got other people nearby or you need to type a frantic message very loudly!”

  • Sarah Gaade, Senior Manager, Campaigns OMC, CX, Oracle

The yeller

“My biggest video call pet peeve is about myself – why do I always feel like I need to yell into the computer?”

  • Mia McPherson, SmarterCX Editor-in-Chief

Can you see my screen?

“My biggest pet peeve is every time someone’s screen is shared it’s always followed with, ‘Can you see my screen?’ Yes we can see your screen, and you most likely know we can see your screen because you just clicked ‘share screen,’ and your screen probably adjusted.”

  • Jodi Warner, SmarterCX Editor

Adjustments gone wrong

“I have two parent-specific, humorous pet peeves: my father keeps forgetting to adjust the top of his laptop downward so you can actually see more than just his disembodied head, and my mother keeps forgetting she’s in a rocking chair while on Zoom calls using her iPad and so, hilariously, you keep seeing the wall behind her in constant motion while you’re talking to her.

  • Rose de Fremery, SmarterCX Contributor

Mute yourself please

“Side conversations drive me crazy on video calls. I don’t mind the random, unpredictable sounds of a dog barking or a neighbor’s loud lawn mower, but I can’t tell you how many conference calls I’ve been on where a participant started talking to someone in their house while another participant is speaking (and acted like there was nothing wrong with it). Mute yourself!”

  • Erin Ollila, SmarterCX Contributor

The latecomer

“There is one thing that peeves me when it comes to video calls, and that’s lateness. I always try to get my setup ready to go at least 15 minutes before the call to make sure the lighting and sound quality are good. When someone doesn’t show up on time, it tells me that they don’t care enough to prepare in advance and that they don’t really consider our meeting that important.”

  • Erik Mathes, SmarterCX Contributor

Are you still there?

“The accidental ‘mute all participants’ feature is a favorite and frequent occurrence. Colleagues ask you a question, and you’re answering, and then you hear the telltale, ‘Are you still on the line?'”

  • Liz Alton, SmarterCX Contributor

Noises aren’t welcome

“People who don’t mute themselves when they are not speaking and listening to people breathing, drinking coffee, or eating is just annoying.”

The collection of web conferencing tools

“My pet peeve is the plethora of different web conferencing tools we have to have, to satisfy everyone (Zoom, Lync aka Skype for Business, Skype, GotoMeeting, WebEx, Teams, and who knows what else) each with their own foibles and weirdnesses.”

Mute button frustrations

“My pet peeve is people not being on mute during a presentation and hearing them clearly not listening and carrying on side conversations.”

The setup hassle

“My pet peeve is the setup hassle when someone sends you an invite on a new tool.”

No smacking, please

“I actually hate when someone eats their food while on call. I’m just annoyed with the smacking sound that it creates.”

  • Samantha Moss, Editor & Content Ambassador, Romantific

To mute or unmute?

“Use of the mute button. People sometimes can’t differentiate when to mute or unmute their microphones. For instance, when they talk, it’s on mute but when their background is noisy, they’re not on mute.”

Multi-tasking mania

“My biggest pet peeve is multi-tasking. If others are multitasking, it slows down and clogs up our engagement. If I’m multitasking as an attendee, it means the program isn’t engaging or I simply don’t need to be there.”

  • Robert Kienzle, Senior Consultant, Knowmium

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