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Video Diaries Part 1: CX Professionals Share Funny Video Call Experiences

SmarterCX Team
May 29, 2020

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According to a recent FinanceBuzz survey, almost 47% of remote workers have had a video meeting interrupted by a pet, 39% have been interrupted by a delivery person, and 32% have been interrupted by their spouse or partner. While interruptions during calls may be frequent, funny stories are bound to come along with them.

In the first part of our video call diaries series, we asked CX professionals about their most hilarious real-life video call experiences from sibling interruptions to pets taking the center stage.

Plumber problems

“A plumber arrived early and was working in the background, telling me my toilet was broken and then replacing it while I was on a call when I thought I was muted.”

  • Michael McNichols, Senior Content Manager, Digital Marketing OMC, CX, Oracle

What happened to my mute button?

“Once I was on a call, and I had a bad cold. I thought I pressed mute and blew my nose, but everyone heard this gross, loud nose blow to a call of six people!”

  • Timothy Woods, SmarterCX Contributor

Finding Nino every call

“I was on a video call with a client when my younger kitty Nino, who is incredibly social and hates being left out of anything, wandered into the frame. I was a bit concerned that it would come off as unprofessional, but I later found out that my client has been getting a great kick out of seeing everyone’s pets and kids now that so many of us are working from home. That’s a good thing because I don’t think Nino is going to stop crashing my video calls anytime soon!”

  • Rose de Fremery, SmarterCX Contributor

“Tale as Old as Time”

“Once, I was listening to the replay of a kickoff call I had done with a new client and noticed you could hear my then toddler singing ‘Beauty and the Beast’ at the top of her lungs. I felt like I could barely hear it in real life, but the song came through loud and clear on the recording.”

  • Erin Ollila, SmarterCX Contributor

That’s a good doggie

“I was on a conference call for a client and needed to step out of my office for a minute. My corgi, Austin, was relaxing in his dog bed. When I came back a couple of minutes later, the Zoom call had started and he had leaped into my chair to see what was going on. I came back to find two clients cheerfully telling Austin that he was a good boy as he stared at them with wide eyes and tried to figure out how to get them to pet him. Now, everytime a video call starts, he’s trying to jump in to see who else is willing to sing his praises.”

  • Liz Alton, SmarterCX Contributor

The screen hog

“I was enjoying a social event with a half-dozen friends and we decided to loop in another friend. Apparently he hasn’t done many calls because about 15 minutes after he joined us he said ‘how do I get it so I don’t see myself all the time?’ I gently suggested ‘maybe you should stop talking.’ He did laugh. After a minute or so.”

  • Kerby Meyers, SmarterCX Contributor

Minion filter makes an appearance

“I had a video conference meeting, and I told my peers ahead of time that we’re going to start the meeting by singing ‘What A Wonderful World’ by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. I told them to listen to the song first and choose a nice background filter for the call. As we’re all dialing in, one colleague joined with a Minion filter. We told him about it at the beginning of the call, and he couldn’t change himself back. So we opted to sing the song while this colleague was singing and moving around like a Minion. To add more fun, I then changed myself to Gru from Despicable Me, and we all laughed and had a wonderful breaking of the ice in the conference.”

Watch out for the wipeout

“Setting a meeting through an online platform might sound convenient but there are circumstances in which people are experiencing funny moments. I believe that these things are inevitable, and we should enjoy it while it lasts. One of my funniest experiences was when my sister walked in and slipped and fell while in my background. Who doesn’t find a wipeout entertaining?”

  • Samantha Moss, Editor & Content Ambassador, Romantific

“Mompreneur” on duty

“Two words: Always mute. As a working mom who runs a fully remote business, video calls are crucial to keeping clients happy and engaged. But showing up cool, calm, and collected can be tough—especially when the kids are at home.

The other day I was on a call with one of our most important clients when I heard my son downstairs yelling, ‘Mom, can you wipe me?’

Fast as I could, I hit mute. But there was no stopping the inevitable. I continued to smile straight into my webcam while simultaneously performing one of the most intimate acts possible for a three-year-old who was not going to take no for an answer. By the grace of some higher power, my client hadn’t heard my son’s request and the call continued without a hitch. I’m beyond grateful for that mute button!”

Do you have a funny video call story? Can you relate to one of the zoom zoo characters above? If so, why? Email us at and your quote might appear in the next article.

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