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Unforgettable Episode 7: Demonstrate Knowledge

Samantha Hausler
September 14, 2018

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Unforgettable is a customer experience education program, focused on delivering fresh content weekly to give business leaders what they need to succeed in a customer-driven, digitally-disrupted world. The program brings together the expert minds of Jay Baer, Shep Hyken, Jeanne Bliss, and Ian Golding to spotlight modern customer experience excellence. Get the latest content by bookmarking smartercx.com/unforgettable.

In episode seven of Unforgettable featuring Shep Hyken, Shep discusses knowledge, and how to use it to build credibility and trust with your customers. By providing “knowledge” to your customers digitally, whether it be through a website FAQ or online tutorials, they’re able to quickly and efficiently get answers to questions they have in a convenient way. This makes it easier for them to keep coming back to your products or services. After all, a great customer experience is all about convenience, right? Watch more:

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Hi. Shep Hyken here with Episode #7 of Unforgettable, the show about great customer experiences. Today, we’re going to talk about knowledge. This is about credibility and building trust. When customers go to your website, they expect to get information. By the way, the user experience in getting that information needs to be an easy experience. Customers love “How To” videos that can get them information in a visual format and demonstrate how to properly use a product.

A self-service option of finding the answers to their questions on your website is empowering for the customer. I remember, late at night, trying to put together a holiday gift for my daughter. I was having trouble, so I went to the computer and I Googled the product name and the model number. The search came up with online tutorials in the form of a slide show that gave me all the help that I needed to complete, what had turned out to be, a pretty big project.

The idea behind sharing knowledge in this digital format, is that it answers your customers questions quickly and efficiently. When your customers call your support centers, they expect the same thing and often more. Not only do they expect helpful and knowledgeable customer service reps, they expect the rep will know who they are, what products they’ve bought in the past, the issues they may have had in the past and much more. They hate when you make them repeat their stories.

Now, I remember filling out a form on a website. I was having difficulty, so I begrudgingly called the support number. As soon as the rep identified who I was, she accessed the partially filled out form that was on their website and she helped me complete it. I didn’t have to start over…and, the result? Well, I was a happy customer.

So, the lesson for companies watching is this: Knowledge is a powerful credibility and confidence builder. When it’s accessible through all channels, including human to human, you have an opportunity to create a positive, even unforgettable experience.

Join me next week for another episode of Unforgettable, brought to you by Oracle CX or to binge watch all of these episodes, go to smartercx.com/unforgettable. Thanks for watching.

Samantha Hausler
Samantha Hausler is a bit obsessed over digital tech trends, coffee, travel, brunch, and reality TV. Samantha is a Marketing Strategist for Oracle CX with over 9 years of experience in the industry.
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