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Unforgettable Episode 4: The First Impression

Samantha Hausler
August 27, 2018

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Unforgettable Episode 4: The First Impression

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In episode four of Unforgettable featuring Shep Hyken, Shep talks about managing the first impression. A first impression isn’t just the first time you meet someone—it’s the first interaction that sets the tone for what’s to follow. See more:

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Hi, Shep Hyken here with episode number four of Unforgettable, the show about great customer experiences. Today, we’re going to talk about managing the first impression.

I walked into a hotel late one night and I approached the front desk, and the gentleman working at the front desk never looked up to acknowledge me. Now, he had to know that I was there because I made noise, and he still never looked up for what seemed like, maybe, two minutes. Probably, it was less than that but it just seemed like more. When he finally did look at me he noticed my bags and he asked, “Are you here to check in?” I thought, “What do you think I’m here to do?” Well, the front desk clerk missed an opportunity, and that was for a positive first impression. There was no, “Hello, good evening.” Or, “Welcome to our hotel.” It was just a cold question.

The first impression doesn’t have to be the first time you meet or see somebody. It could be the 500th time. It’s simply the interaction that sets the tone for what’s to follow. It can be the way you smile at someone. The way you dress for success, which means dressing appropriately for whatever situation you’re in. It’s your body language. It’s how you answer the phone. Do you welcome somebody into the conversation or do you make them feel as if they’re an interruption? So the lesson for companies watching is this, manage the first impression. It may seem simple and basic, but it’s very, very important. The first impression sets the tone for whatever interaction is to follow.

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