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Unforgettable Episode 39: Why the Future Customer Demands a Personalized Customer Experience

Rachel Anderson
June 14, 2019

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As we go about our lives and interact with businesses, many of us are getting amazingly personalized experiences, but in other situations companies barely know who we are. An unforgettable customer experience is one that makes our lives easier and better. Read or watch the latest episode of Unforgettable to learn why personalization is the future and the customer of the future will demand it.

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Why will the customer of the future demand a personalized customer experience? Already today, it’s all about personalization. So many of us in our personal lives are enjoying the beauty of apps like Spotify which uses machine learning to tailor playlists, or Netflix which serves up only the most relevant content to you as a user.

These are fun examples of technology-first companies that are thinking of ways to know you, the customer, what you like, what will be relevant for you, something that will make your life easier and better. That is truly the heart of personalization because in the past we have taken something from our customers by making them wait—wait on the phone, sending them things that aren’t relevant for them, whether that’s online or in snail mail or even watching ads on TV that aren’t relevant for them.

I actually dream of a day in the future when my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter won’t have to waste any time because everything will be personalized. The point is we all need to start thinking about our data, about personalization.

Let’s say you’re an airline carrier and your customer is flying to Chicago, and she is going to there for a business meeting. Maybe you know that she likes SoulCycle and she may want to go visit a SoulCycle studio in Chicago, and she’ll need a restaurant because she has an important business meeting. The airline carrier could work with third parties to get her that seat in SoulCycle, find that perfect restaurant in Chicago so she can have Chicago pizza or steak and get that business meeting restaurant picked for her.

Increasingly, we’re seeing that customers are willing to give over data to have a more valuable personalized experience and make their lives easier and better.

Personalization is the future, and that future is already here. Customers are getting these personalized experiences from Netflix and Spotify. But what experience are you offering them? Is it personal? Do you know them, anticipate their needs, and find ways to add value to their lives?

Personalization is the future.

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