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Unforgettable Episode 38: Experiential Retail Trends and Why In-Person Still Matters [VIDEO]

Rachel Anderson
June 07, 2019

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We live in a time where most of our products and services are commodities. But today customers expect more than simply a product, they expect an experience around the product. Watch Blake Morgan’s latest video to learn about how you can create an experiential retail experience and why it is important.

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Experiential retail and why it still matters. My husband and I are looking for a new refrigerator. There’s so many refrigerators online, but we still want to go to the store and see that thing and make sure that it looks nice and it will fit in our kitchen perfectly. So we need to go to the store and not everything can be purchased online. Increasingly businesses are relying on experiences to draw masses into the retail store and these are offerings that you just can’t get online. Think about what can your customers not do online or through the phone? These are experiential experiences that appeal to the senses because customers do like to see, touch, smell, and feel products.

Think about your own business, “Well how can we create a showroom that offers an experience that a customer cannot get online? How can we do a pop-up shop and offer something that they’ll pay attention to that they’ll want to share on social media? Or even educate customers and teach them how to use our products.”

An example is a shoe store that offers pedicures right at the store because if you buy a pair of open-toed shoes and your toenails don’t look very lovely you’re not going to want to wear them. So, that’s just one fun example.

A lot of malls now are looking at this idea of relaxation so how do we allow people to meditate or relax and even lie down while they’re shopping because shopping can be very, very exhausting. Or even feed customers, provide some type of snack for them.

These are just little examples of how you can be more experiential and create something that people will remember because we are in the experience economy where people value experiences over things. So let’s think differently about how we can elevate the customer experience to drive that traffic to our store or pop up shop.

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