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Unforgettable Episode 35: What is Digital Transformation and How Do I Get Started?

Rachel Anderson
May 17, 2019

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In this episode of Unforgettable, Blake Morgan covers a topic every executive today should be thinking about: digital transformation. To start the process of digital transformation, we must first understand what it is and where to start. Read or watch more for the basics on how your business can begin its evolution.

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What is digital transformation and how do I get started? This is an important question affecting everyone today—85% of decision makers feel they have only two years or less to come to grips with digital transformation or they’ll be left behind. And they’re right because today every business needs to think about how they’re going to evolve and pivot, because the world is changing and technology is changing.

What is digital transformation in its most simple definition? It is solving traditional problems with technology. But the challenge with digital transformation is it really requires all the stakeholders to come together and think about a company-wide technology strategy. Digital transformation is about evolving our technologies inside of our business to modernize, to serve this modern customer, and that demands a seamless, zero-friction customer experience.

We need to continue to evaluate our technologies inside of our companies to make sure that they integrate, that they are seamless, and that we have something called “middleware” that we need to continue to integrate new technologies and stack them with our legacy technologies, because we wouldn’t want legacy technologies to be the thing that ultimately killed our company and hammered that nail into our coffin.

The best companies today are looking at digital transformation. For example, they’re looking at supply chain, logistics, they’re thinking about how we can improve the internal guts of our organization to get customers products faster. How do we make better conveniences for customers? Like if we’re a retailer offering curbside pickup so we can compete with other retailers that are shipping products the same day.

These are the things we need to think about when it comes to digital transformation because today we have to be in this constant state of evolution, constantly pivoting internally to think about how we can create efficiencies and leaning on technology to help us create those efficiencies. Who knew that efficiency was the secret sauce of today’s most customer experience focused companies?

Digital transformation is absolutely something every executive today should be thinking about.

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