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Unforgettable Episode 34: Driving a Seamless Customer Data Strategy for a Powerful Customer Experience

Rachel Anderson
May 10, 2019

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In Blake’s latest episode of Unforgettable CX, hear her address how critical it is that we not operate with a siloed data approach, because if companies have siloed organizational structure, it’s likely their data approach is siloed as well. Learn how not to make that mistake in the video below.

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Today we’re talking about driving a customer data strategy across the company.

There’s a common issue with customer experience today with the organizational structure, because many of our companies are set up with yesterday’s thinking where we’re very channel-centric. We have product marketing as one vertical, customer service as another vertical, then HR, sales and finance. These are almost like separate vertical buildings and separate companies.

Then we have our customer and she expects a seamless zero-friction customer experience, but she’s not getting it. She’s getting an experience with many stops and starts, full of friction. It is not seamless.

The reason is she is encountering this vertical, internal experience full of silos where the company’s not sharing data internally and she expects a horizontal customer experience from the retail store to the app, to the website, to customer service and she’s not getting it.

We need someone inside the company to drive a company-wide data strategy because our customer experience is only going to be as powerful as our employee experience, and if our teams internally in our many divisions and groups are not sharing data, that’s a huge challenge.

Companies can counter this by appointing someone to actually drive that data strategy across the company to educate the company on what data means, how we should be using it, how we should be sharing it, on security, and all of these modern issues with data today.

That person can come from eCommerce, they can come from service, and you can appoint them to be this ambassador for this company wide customer data strategy. It is so critical that we are sharing data as today’s customer expects a seamless zero friction customer experience.

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