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Unforgettable Episode 33: Who Should Own Customer Experience?

Rachel Anderson
May 03, 2019

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Who should own customer experience? Is it customer service? Is it marketing? Check out the latest episode of Unforgettable with Blake Morgan to hear her take.

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Who should own customer experience? This is an important question with which many companies today are struggling.

Is it customer service? My opinion is no. It is a misnomer that customer service owns customer experience. Customer experience is something that I believe the CEO should be driving, because when the CEO is driving customer experience, it becomes more of a mindset. Everyone at a company knows it’s critical that they think about how the customer is actually using their products and services, and so, when the CEO that is driving the iniative it is most successful.

That said, I do not think any one person can own customer experience. People tell me, “Oh, I’m making this mistake right now because I just hired a chief customer officer in my company. We think we’re done.” I think that’s a common mistake when you just hire one person, and you think, “Now we’re done with customer experience.”

The most customer-focused companies believe that customer experience is a mindset, and it’s quite simple at its core: are we customer focused, or are we product focused? How will this decision affect the customer, rather than, how will this affect our product?

I’d like to say that the best companies make life harder on themselves to make it easier on the customer, and if you are customer-focused over being product focused, you are doing just that. The answer to the question who should own CX: I believe the CEO should drive it, and so should the rest of the C-Suite. If all of the leaders are driving it, but no one owns it, (which makes sense, because everyone at the company affects customer experience in some way), no matter if you work in the call center, in HR, in finance, in sales, in marketing. Everybody’s work makes some kind of impact on the customer experience.

That’s my answer to who should own customer experience—no one, and everyone!

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