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Unforgettable Episode 32: Artificial Intelligence for Customer Experience

Rachel Anderson
April 26, 2019

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If you’re in the customer experience industry, you most certainly have heard the buzz around artificial intelligence (AI). How is AI actually used for customer experience? Check out the latest episode of Unforgettable with Blake Morgan to learn about 3 key ways to use AI for customer service.

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Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence—you can’t avoid it, it’s everywhere in business, press, at conferences. Artificial intelligence is all the rage because in the last few years, we’ve seen an improvement in deep learning, which has improved machine learning. So how do we teach a machine to actually learn and remember?

I have 3 simple examples of AI for customer experience that you can consider, especially as it relates to customer service. The first is personalization. Personalization is a critical piece of a compelling customer experience, because today customers expect you to know them, to anticipate their needs, and also predict what they might need next. So AI can help you power your personalization strategy.

The second trend are chatbots. Chatbots are still not the best, but they are providing an improved form of self-service, where you can ask a chatbot a simple question and it’ll give you an answer. And of course, there are different types of bots. There are voice-activated bots, text bots, and in the future, we will only see more bots helping customers, especially to tackle those simple issues in a self-service capacity.

The third trend when it comes to examples of AI for customer experience are insights. How do we plow through millions of pieces of customer data to identify the most critical pieces of customer feedback? This means looking at patterns and trends in the data. That’s the thing to remember when it comes to AI: AI’s ability to sort through millions of pieces of data, come up with patterns and provide insights for your business.

Again, those 3 examples of AI for customer experience include personalization, bots, and insights. Love to hear from you on how you are using AI for customer experience, so feel free to comment on this video or send me a note.

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