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Unforgettable Episode 29: CX is a Long-Term Business Strategy

Rachel Anderson
April 05, 2019

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It can be frustrating and difficult to maintain focus if you expect to reap the benefits of your customer experience initiatives right away. In this episode Ian Golding shares how customer-centric organizations should reframe their expectations and renew their commitment on the customer experience for lasting success.

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Hi, this is Ian Golding, global customer experience specialist bringing you episode 29 of Unforgettable, the series that’s all about delivering great customer experiences.

During this series I have referenced some of the challenges that organizations are facing to sustain their focus on customer experience. One of the biggest challenges of all is the fact that customer experience is a long term business strategy. Long term business strategies are regrettably something that many organizations around the world find very difficult to commit.

It typically takes a legacy business between six and eight years to transform itself to become sustainably customer centric if—this is a very big if—that organization remains stable. “Stable,” as in there is no constant change of leadership, strategy, or restructuring, and you probably don’t need me to tell you that there are very few organizations who don’t see those things happening all the time. As a result, every time there is disruption, the focus on customer experience is knocked off kilter. Sometimes the focus goes backwards, sideways, and sometimes it doesn’t go anywhere at all.

It is important for organizations to register the quick wins that allow the organization, its customers, employees, and shareholders to see the benefit a more customer-focused strategy. But if customer experience is not made tangible and displays demonstrable changes in not six months, but six years, it is going to be very difficult for you to embed a sustainable customer centric strategy in the organization.

I know of organizations that have spent 12 to 15 years embedding their approach to customer experience. It is so important that you recognize that customer experience is not a race, and you must go at the pace the organization can accommodate. There may be times that you’re moving so slowly it feels as though you’re not even moving at all. That may well be the right thing to do.

We must impress upon any leader that is talking about being a customer-centric business that this is something that they need to commit to, not just for Christmas, or the next 12 months, but forever.

Rachel Anderson
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