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Unforgettable Episode 21: Making Customer Experience a Priority for the Whole Company

Samantha Hausler
February 01, 2019

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In episode 21 of Unforgettable, Ian Golding kicks of the third part of our Unforgettable series talking about how to make customer experience a priority for the whole company. It’s likely if customer experience isn’t already one of your top business focuses, it soon will be—and, it’s absolutely vital that every single employee across the organization is given the ability to think and act in the interest of the customer to succeed. Watch more to see what questions you should be asking to make sure you’re succeeding in 2019 and beyond:

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Hi, this is Ian Golding, global customer experience specialist, bringing you episode 21 of Unforgettable, the series all about delivering great customer experiences. At the start of every calendar year, many people reflect on what’s important to them in the coming 12 months, what are their resolution’s going to be, what are we going to focus on, or even refocus on? And, for many organizations around the world, one of the things that individuals, teams, and leaders will be thinking is that one of our priorities either needs to continue to be a focus on customer experience, or an increasing focus on customer experience. It is not new for organizations on this planet to be talking about the subject of customer experience as a priority, but how many are genuinely serious about customer experience being a priority?

In the last 12 months, how many times did you hear your leaders talking about customer experience or even talking about the customer at all? How often have you seen decisions being made with the interests of the customer in mind? If your organization is going to stand a chance of turning the rhetoric around customer experience into tangible, demonstrable and sustainable change, it is absolutely vital that it does become a big shining priority for every single employee across the organization. For it to become a priority, every single employee needs to be given the ability to think and act in the interests of the customer every time they do something. That is far easier to say than it is to do.

And, for that to become a reality, the priority must be overt. It must be talked about frequently by leaders, by managers, by every employee, every meeting, every conversation must sensor around the customer for that aspiration of customer experience being a priority to become a reality. It is plainly obvious for everyone to see around the world as a result of publicly available evidence that has proven beyond doubt that the more customer focused an organization, the greater the financial reward. But if we are going to ensure that that fact continues, that that fact base of evidence is added to, you must ensure that customer experience is a priority that is front and center of the minds of every single employee in your organization, not just in 2019, not just in 2020 but forever.

Samantha Hausler
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