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Unforgettable Episode 20: Trust Customers, So They Will Trust You

Samantha Hausler
December 28, 2018

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In Episode 20 of Unforgettable, Jeanne Bliss talks about how, repeatedly, companies and leaders who enable two-way trust with their customers find that it becomes a growth engine. Every customer relationship begins because a customer chooses to trust an organization and its people, so why wouldn’t you trust them back? Watch more to learn real life examples of how two-way trust works from JetBlue and OVO:

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Hi, I’m Jeanne Bliss, Customer Experience and Leadership Expert, bringing you Episode 20 of Unforgettable, the show about great customer experiences. Do you practice two-way trust with your customers? You know, every customer relationship begins because a customer chooses to trust an organization and its people. Physicians are trusted with the health of families. Realtors are trusted to guide a home purchase or a sale. Computer manufacturers, to provide reliable equipment. Banks, to ensure financial safety and security. This is our opportunity to earn trust through giving trust.

For example, OVO Energy in the UK earns customer trust by sharing their pricing plans with the public — Outlining exactly what energy costs them, so customers know what they are paying. As a result, they are earning customers’ raves and growth. Another highly praised and unexpected trust comes from the country of Sweden. To celebrate its 250-year anniversary of abolishing censorship, the Swedish Tourist Association created a phone number so that anyone around the world could call and speak to a Swedish citizen, all of whom were encouraged to tell customers or the callers exactly what it was like to live in Sweden, no holding back.

Repeatedly, companies and leaders who enable bravery and trusting customers find that it becomes a growth engine for them. In fact, in a 2016 study by Label Insight, 56% of those surveyed said that they would be loyal to a company for life if it was completely transparent to them. I’ll end this trust section with a story about JetBlue. They decided to give customers who owed taxes in 2017 a little boost by offering them a free flight coupon, but what was really buzzed about was that the airline did not ask customers for proof of taxes owed. They trusted them to tell the truth about those taxes.

Do you deliberately trust customers back for their trust in you?

Samantha Hausler
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