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Unforgettable Episode 17: Empathy and Care in Your Operating Model

Samantha Hausler
November 30, 2018

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In episode 17 of Unforgettable, Jeanne Bliss talks about the importance of wiring grace into your operating model in order to stand out in the lives of your customers. By delivering caring responses when customers are in their most vulnerable moments, companies will inevitably make a lasting impact and nurture the relationship. Watch more for examples of how Mercedes Benz and Warby Parker are already showing empathy when it matters most:

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Hi, I’m Jeanne Bliss, customer experience and leadership expert, bringing you episode 17 of Unforgettable, the show about great customer experiences. Today, we’re discussing the importance of wiring grace into your operating model. The companies that stand out for us in our lives as customers design in deliberately warm and caring responses to us in our most vulnerable moments.

For example, when Mercedes Benz learns that a lessee of one of their vehicles has died, family members receive assistance that says, “We know that this is a tough time. We want to help.” The bereaved families received a condolence letter, a leather journal, and a pen to help record all of the tasks ahead. And then they offer grace — Mercedes offers families a 10-day time period to return the vehicle in which all fees are suspended, or families can continue to lease with the qualifying family member where all of the transfer fees are waived, showing grace and generosity.

How about Warby Parker, the glasses company which began with empathy for people who need good glasses but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for them? They have wired in a 30-day, no questions asked guarantee into their operating model. If anything happens to your new glasses within 30 days from sitting on them to dropping them, there are no questions asked and no judgements, and Warby Parker believes your story. Before you get what’s left of your old glasses back to them, new ones are on their way.

This is our opportunity to build empathetic actions into how we do business and to wire in those acts of kindness. Remember, the more grace and empathy you give, the more you’ll receive, and the more your employees will love working for a company that extends grace because it’s the right thing to do.

Samantha Hausler
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