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Unforgettable Episode 16: What’s Your “Hello”?

Samantha Hausler
November 16, 2018

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In episode 16 of Unforgettable, Jeanne Bliss talks about that first “hello” from a business. How we’re greeted as customers tells us a lot about the treatment we can expect to receive from a company and its people in the future. The first moment of contact can cement the relationship. How do you welcome your customers? Jeanne shares an example of how Mayfair Clinic greets their patients with purpose and personal contact that business leaders can learn from. Watch more:

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Hi. I’m Jeanne Bliss, customer experience and leadership expert, bringing you episode 16 of Unforgettable, the show about great customer experiences. Today, let’s talk about your company “hello.”

How we’re greeted as customers tells us a lot about the treatment that we’re about to receive from a company and its people. Whether it’s placing a call to a company, checking into a hotel, walking into a retailer, or visiting the doctor, that first moment of contact cements it. What I call, “Make Mom Proud Companies,” act on people’s desire to be acknowledged.

For example, Mayfair Diagnostics in Calgary, Alberta Canada completely redesigned their “hello” at their imaging centers by understanding the emotional response that people have to that check-in desk. What Mayfair learned was that most patients have an emotional need to be received. But, the traditional clinic process is that patients are checked in. Arrival, check. Insurance, check. Paperwork, check. Have a seat. We’ll call your name. Now, Mayfair patients are now welcomed and received based on insights that they learned about the importance of eye contact. When patients stand in front of that counter looking down, it actually creates an imbalanced relationship between the customer and the company.

The new welcome experience at the Mayfair Clinic is wrapped around, what they call, a standing welcome pod. Here, guests are greeted eye to eye with the patient and the clinician, so that they can make personal contact and connect. And then, just like what we learned from Nordstrom, The Four Seasons, and Ritz Carlton, they then walk around from behind the pod to welcome and support their guest and take them to their next appointment.

You have a great opportunity to redesign your welcome, to rethink your hello with a welcome, with eye contact, and by calling customers by name. Be in a company that always honors the person first. Before you do anything else acknowledge the customer reaching out right in front of you. Care genuinely. Know his or her name. This small acknowledgement paves the way for real relationships that go beyond transactions.

Samantha Hausler
Content Strategist, Oracle CX Cloud
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