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Unforgettable Episode 14: Build a “Respect Delivery Machine”

Samantha Hausler
November 02, 2018

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In episode 14 of Unforgettable, Jeanne Bliss explains how the most human companies are the ones that understand their customers’ lives and adapt their availability to sync with customer needs. Using the example of the pet care company,, Jeanne highlights that by focusing on providing swift social media communications, customers won’t get impatient and applaud you for valuing their time.’s live chat is answered within 6 seconds and emails are responded to within 20 minutes—by humans. Watch more:

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This is Jeanne Bliss, customer experience and leadership expert, bringing you Episode 14 of Unforgettable, the show about great customer experiences.

Today we’ll tackle how to build your respect delivery machine. What we know, as human beings, is when we need help, we need it now. And when that help comes swiftly, wrapped in a caring voice, and real help, we feel a little saved. We can get back to what we were supposed to be doing before our life was interrupted.

The most human companies understand their customer’s lives and adapt their availability to sync with customer needs. They build what I call a “respect delivery machine,” and nurture customer rescue artists.

For example, at, they start with your life as a pet parent. “Chewtopians” answer your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year, with calls usually answered within five seconds by a live and trained person ready to banter, talk about your pet, or answer any question you have. There are no call length limits, and you will never be handed off to someone else.

Reps are trained to help you from start to finish with you and your pet as their only priority. And during their 7,000 calls or so a day, notes are placed into their company-wide memory bank with fluffy’s name, profile, and needs. So they always remember who you and your pet are.

Prefer live chat? Live chat is answered within six seconds by a human. Emails are responded to within 20 minutes, along with a personalized response. Swift social media conversations follow the same pattern. You’ll hear back from a Chewtopian in less than five minutes when you connect with them, or follow them or connect with them on, via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or on YouTube.

In all manner of mediums, the best companies create the feeling for customers, “We respect you, we are here for you.” Where are you today in building your customer respect delivery machine?

Samantha Hausler
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