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Unforgettable Episode 12: Nurture Memory Creators

Samantha Hausler
October 19, 2018

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In episode 12 of Unforgettable, Jeanne Bliss discusses blending high-tech with high-touch experiences to nurture memory creators and grow business. She highlights Union Square Hospitality Group’s almost innate ability to hone in on customers’ memories through innovative techniques based on its founder, Danny Meyer’s, philosophy of “people first, technology second.” Watch more:

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Hi, I’m Jeanne Bliss, customer experience and leadership expert, bringing you episode 12 of Unforgettable, the show about great customer experiences. Today, we’ll discuss the importance of nurturing memory creators to grow your business.

Danny Meyer, the famed founder of the Union Square Hospitality Group, believes that the way to grow is to find people who live the values of the organization and who hold personal attribute that he has established in something he calls a Hospitality Quotient. And, he has a very deliberate opinion about technology and the place in the lives of people who serve customers. To him, it’s people first, technology second. And, he uses that formula to achieve success by blending high tech to enable an even higher degree of high touch.

Meyer puts technology in the shoes of enabling humans, who actually have a beating heart, and who are caring for people to achieve what he calls a greater degree of hospitality. For example, he explains two reasons why his folks in his restaurants would wear an Apple watch. Number one, a sommelier would wear the watch to be given an indicator of when to go top off somebody’s wine or serve them again. And number two, the valet would wear that watch to be signaled when to go fetch a car and either cool it off for the warm weather or heat it up for the winter, so that a comfortable car is waiting for customers as they step their foot outside that door.

By starting with the customer’s life and their needs, by hiring people whose values and personality traits align with your own, and then blending in technology to enable them to deliver memories that customers want to repeat, companies thrive and become irreplaceable.

How do you blend high technology with high touch to nurture memory creators?

Samantha Hausler
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