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Unforgettable Episode 10: Starting Over

Samantha Hausler
October 05, 2018

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In episode ten of Unforgettable featuring Shep Hyken, Shep shares one of his favorite customer experience strategies of all time: “Starting Over.” No matter how good a business may think they are, they’re really only as good as their last interaction with a customer. Watch more:

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Hi, Shep Hyken here, customer service and experience expert. This is episode number 10 of Unforgettable, the show about great customer experiences. Today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite concepts, and that is starting over.

Now, one of my very favorite restaurants in the entire world is in St. Louis, Missouri where I live, and that is Tony’s. It’s recognized around the world as a top Italian restaurant. I love the food and I love the service, and over the years have enjoyed getting to know the owner. Every day before his restaurant opens, he has a pre-shift meeting with all of the employees. This is where he goes over the specials for that evening, talks about what happened the night before, what could be improved on, and much more. And, he always closes by sharing accolades from his happy customers who’ve complimented the service and the food. After reading the emails and the letters, he looks up at everyone and he says, “These are all great and we should all be very proud, but guess what? In five minutes, those doors open and we start over.”

The lesson for companies watching is that we must always remember that no matter how good we may think our reputation may be for amazing and unforgettable service, we’re only as good as our last customer. Each and every interaction we have with another customer is an opportunity to start over.

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