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Unforgettable Episode 1: Balance Between Digital and Human Experience

Samantha Hausler
August 03, 2018

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Unforgettable is a customer experience education program, focused on delivering fresh content weekly to give business leaders what they need to succeed in a customer-driven, digitally-disrupted world. The program brings together the expert minds of Jay Baer, Shep Hyken, Jeanne Bliss, and Ian Golding to spotlight modern customer experience excellence. Get the latest content by bookmarking

Welcome to episode one, featuring Shep Hyken. In this episode, Shep discusses the balance between human and digital experiences. Watch now:

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Hi, Shep Hyken here, customer service and experience expert with episode number one of Unforgettable, the show about great customer experiences. For this first episode we’re going to talk about the balance between the digital experience and the human experience.

Now, the digital experience has been around longer than one might think. It was almost 20 years ago when airlines offered online check-in on selected flights. I remember a friend of mine calling and saying, “I just had the best experience with Delta Airlines. I was able to purchase my ticket and check-in online. I didn’t have to deal with one Delta employee until I finally got to the plane.” Well, at first I thought it was a slam against the good people at Delta Airlines, but I was wrong. It was actually a compliment.

What he was saying is that Delta had created a digital experience that saved him time and effort. He also knew that if there was a problem, that he could rely on the Delta people to help him out—and, that’s the key. He was comfortable with the balance between the digital, or online, experience and the human experience. So, the lesson for companies watching is to recognize there must be a balance between the digital and human interaction. There must always be human backup, or you risk losing the connection to your customer when they need you most.

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