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Top 3 Modern Customer Experience Takeaways

Bryan Kramer
April 26, 2018

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At Modern Customer Experience 2018, I was up to my eyeballs with fantastic CX insights and exciting innovations. Here are three of my top takeaways.

Use artificial intelligence to cycle contacts through engagement channels

Katrina Leaf, the Global Marketing Automation Manager at Fluke, covered how to improve pipeline engagement through artificial intelligence (AI) platforms. She shared how Fluke was looking to enhance their outbound marketing and sales using targeting and personalization, without taking on new team members, so they used AI instead.

Fluke used Lattice Engines to analyze their existing data to find the right customer, score contacts, provide data enrichment, and then insert this information into Fluke’s workflows. They also leveraged AI bots through Conversica, combined with insights from Lattice, to create better, more personalized conversations with customers.

It was brilliant to see the AI workflow Fluke created and the inner workings of this process. Katrina and her team were able to generate new insights, like that the majority of conversions take place after 5 engagements and how important it was that all of their channels had consistent messaging.

You can view Katrina’s full presentation, “Artificial Intelligence Platforms Align Marketing and Sales at Fluke Corporation”, here.

Make customer service more intelligent with engagement transformation

Matthew Maez and Roberto Sanchez, employees of the City of Albuquerque, showed how they enhance their customer service offering to a wide range of different service users using case management, 311 agent scripting, analytics, geocoding integration, and customized message bases.

The City of Albuquerque found message bases to be very effective and was eager to place more focus on voice design to learn the best way to ask questions to capture the information needed from customers. In the future, they expect to utilize Google Home and other voice assistants to fully automate their service request process, which will allow them to reallocate resources from call intake to service delivery.

It was great to see how a municipality leveraged innovative tech solutions to improve their service to citizens and how they reallocated the cost-savings from these efforts to other areas.

You can see the full presentation, “How IoT, Augmented Reality, Predictive Analytics, and Robotics Transform Service”, here.

All of your data has the potential to be useful

Kait Creamer, Conversion Marketing Manager at MakeMusic, introduced herself as “no longer afraid of shitty data.” My interest was immediately piqued! As marketers, we have an infinite amount of data at our disposal, but sometimes it’s in a messy format, from multiple different sources—and we end up ignoring it and pushing it to the side.

In her talk, Kait shared how to use marketing automation effectively—even when you have “bad data”. Triggered programs, predictive dynamic content, and behavioral segmentation are just a few of the methods she uses, even with data that makes you want to scream.

See Kait’s full presentation, “Face Your Fears: Making Automation That Works When You Have Messy Data”, here.

For more coverage from the event, visit smartercx.com/moderncx.

Bryan Kramer
Bryan Kramer
Bryan Kramer is the best-selling author of "There is No B2B OR B2C: It’s Human to Human #H2H". He is also a renowned TED Talk and keynote speaker.
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