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Top 20 Quotes from Women in Tech at Modern CX

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September 19, 2019

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As this year of customer experience for businesses around the globe continues to get smarter, we asked women in tech at Oracle’s Modern CX conference to share their insights on everything from customer experience technology, to leadership lessons, and more. Here’s a closer look at some of the most inspiring and thought-provoking quotes on CX from women in tech.

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A seamless customer journey

“I always say great CX first is a team activity. And every team and every team member needs to buy in to why we’re providing great customer experience. They need to know where they sit in the customer journey, and what they need to do to make sure the customer journey is seamless.”

-Dainah Kibera, Sales Operations Manager, Kenya Airways

Give the customer the support they need through self-service

“When I think about what it is that really comes down to a KPI, it’s what that connection has happened across self-service. Where is that self-service occurring and how many people are you able to put through that self-service tunnel or funnel that can make sure that they took the time to come in and get the answers, did you help them?

And so through our implementations we’re really looking to see, as we implemented, did we make sure that that customer is getting the support that they need, and then if they fail, do they have a way out and that means getting to that customer contact channel and getting the right person.”

-Shana Hughes, Solutions Consultant, Infolexa

Customer experience is the end goal

“Don’t be afraid to try things. Because the customers expectations are changing so rapidly, there’s so many new technologies out there. Don’t be afraid to see what works best for your business. Don’t be afraid to try things that you’ve never done in the past to see the impact on the customer experience. If you always keep that customer experience as your end goal and really improving that, try different things to enable you to get there.”

-Laurie Simpter, Senior Manager of Customer Relationship, Pier 1

Provide a great customer experience by understanding your customer

“Treat your customers as you would like to be treated. If you think you wouldn’t like something, you can pretty much guarantee your customers won’t like it either.”

-Emilie Neumeier, Product Marketing Manager, Morningstar

Adding value to differentiate

“You have to add value and that’s part of the customer experience. That’s why I’m here, that’s why I love this topic, that’s what selling is all about it. It’s the customer’s experience and it’s more and more difficult to differentiate yourself by product or price or even delivery of product.”

-Nancy Nardin, Smarter Selling Tools

Customer experience comes from personal involvement

“I think the most important thing is not just asking questions or not just deciding things about how we think it should look. We think it would look better this way or look better that way, but to really try to experience it and to involve more parts of our business.”

-Jessica Campbell, Program Manager, Brother International Corporation

Video creation in marketing

“It’s really important to tell a story when you’re making any kind of content, whether that’s video or writing a blog piece and how to tell that story. Sometimes using your own community can tell your brand story because actually your brand is really made up of your community, and they are your best advocates and they know your products or your brand the best.”

-Priya Shah, Co-Founder and CMO, Sauce

Practice self awareness to develop a customer perspective

“In order for leaders to be really self aware from a customer perspective, they have to be able to actually visit the things that our customers do and experience that journey themselves.”

-Jessica Campbell, Program Manager, Brother International Corporation

Challenge yourself for endless possibilities

“Sometimes we tend to put ourselves in boxes and I think those boxes are just in our minds. There’s no boxes around people. You can do whatever you want to do, and if there’s something that interests you, go for it and don’t limit yourself by what you think you should be or the box that you think you should be in. I’ve had several career changes and it’s always a learning experience. It’s very exciting to do that. There’s always challenges. You’re always challenging yourself and you’re always learning. I think people can do what they want and there shouldn’t be any limitations that we put ourselves in.”

-Susana Zoghbi, Co-Founder and CEO, Macty

Choosing a career in tech or AI

“Work out which bit of it excites you. So don’t just be lured by the big paychecks in certain industries. Work out what it is that will make you tick, because if you excel in any of the industries then you’re going to do well.”

-Jenny Griffiths, Founder and CEO, Snaptech

Your passion leads to creating successful customer experiences

“The number one thing is you have to find a career or something that you’re really passionate about. Once you find that if you’re truly passionate about creating a great customer experience, working in a call center is so wonderful. There’s only a couple of places in any type of retail organization that has direct contact with a customer. That’s either brick-and-mortar stores or it’s the call center.

There’s nothing like being able to talk to that customer every single day and be able to share your passion for your company, for your brand with the customer and connect with them.”

-Laurie Simpter, Senior Manager of Customer Relationship, Pier 1

Tech career involves logic and empathy

“You have to be kind of logic oriented, but you also have to have empathy and understanding and be able to think outside the box. The logic leads your direction, but the empathy and the thinking outside the box allows you to come up with solutions. Better ways of doing things. You can’t just be one or the other, in today’s world, you have to be both.”

-Mary Wallace, Director of Marketing Technology, Informa

To be successful, focus on your team

“Make sure you are focused on the success and the dynamic elements of your team, and be really like a well oiled machine.”

-Anvi Bui, Cisco

Pursuing a role in tech

“Anyone that wants to pursue such a role is to choose yourself. You choose that you belong in the field. You choose that you do have the right skills. That you choose that you are the right person. That you choose that you will figure things out. Once you believe that deep in your heart, you will figure things out, you will be part of it, and you will make it happen. Because it doesn’t happen by magic, it just happens by you putting in the effort.”

-Susana Zoghbi, Co-Founder and CEO, Macty

Furthering your education and dreams

“Keep working hard, use your resources, read manuals, blogs, I use twitter a lot for self-education, find forums and communities and like minded individuals, take classes. Anything you can do to further yourself education.

I feel very blessed and honored to be a woman in technology and to be able to share my experiences with other women and to mentor anyone, men, women. I love teaching, and I just think that it’s something to really encourage girls to continue to follow their dreams and if they want to code, code.”

-Rhianna Albert, Director of CX, eVerge Group

AI technology opening up opportunities

“Using AI technology and being able to figure out what the customer wants opens up an opportunity for me to be more creative and innovative, and try to reduce our overall costs and keep agents on our account for longer.”

-Angela Pesce, Assistant Director of Customer Care, Publishers Clearing House

Oracle making a difference

“Having Oracle Service Cloud as our solution has made a difference, because now, I can work more remotely. If I need to travel for business or I just need to work from home, I can do that very easily because everything’s in the Cloud, everything’s accessible, and it works that way for the rest of my team as well.”

-Traci Scott, Senior Business Analyst, Pella Corporation

As technology changes, so are customer expectations

“Technology is growing…so fast. And at the same time the customer’s demand is growing faster as well. Higher expectations, right? That’s why, what’s important is going back to ensuring that customers would have a good experience when they interact with us.

It’s not just about the product quality. It’s about when they call us, when they send us an email, or when they chat with us. We have to make sure that customer would know that they’re front and center. And, that they are important.”

-Joyce Surujbhan, Knowledge and Quality Manager, TCL North America

Seeing a change in customer experience organizations

“I love what’s happening right now because we’re starting to see that technology isn’t always the answer. That it’s a combination of technology and human intuition, humanity, empathy. So when we’d start talking about the changing sort of dynamics of a customer experience organization or the customer experience technologies, we’re starting to try to at scale track emotion.”

-Lily Varon, Analyst, Forrester Research

Being on the same page

“I love Modern CX because I love sharing ideas, brainstorming with people that are like minded. The technology marketers like myself, we’re all on the same page here, and it’s like a fish in the water.”

-Arpine Babloyan, Director of Acquisition Marketing, Verndale

Keep these inspiring customer experience quotes from women in tech in mind as you move forward with your CX strategy.

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