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The Role of Data in Storytelling, with Jennifer Storms of NBC Sports [VIDEO]

SmarterCX Team
May 23, 2019

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While on location at Oracle Modern Customer Experience 2019 in Las Vegas from March 19-21, the SmarterCX team met with Jennifer Storms, CMO & EVP at NBC Sports, who tells us about her work and discusses how data plays a role in how quickly Olympic athletes go from ordinary to extraordinary, and in a matter of minutes become household names.

Watch our interview or read the transcript below.

SmarterCX: Jenny, you are the Chief Marketing Officer and the EVP of Content Strategy for NBC sports. That is an amazing title. Tell me all about yourself and your work.

Jennifer Storms: I definitely have the best job in the world. I love what I do. But essentially it boils down to…trying to reach and engage consumers at a really personal level, and bring them to our properties and give them experiences that are really relevant and authentic to their connection behind those sports.

Looking forward, we’ve got some big events coming up. Including the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. We’ve already starting planning for that and are looking forward to it.

SmarterCX: Now, I know you’ve had some great success in the previous Olympic Games. Can you tell me about the role of data in the success?

Jennifer Storms: Absolutely. With regard to the Olympics specifically, what’s interesting is that almost 90% of Americans have interest and awareness in the Olympics, which is great, it’s a fabulous number.

But I think the challenge is that we want to speak to everybody very individually because people connect with the Olympics on a very individual and personal level. And so, just over two years ago we spent eight months in exhaustive research study around segmentation. And the essence of that segmentation were the needs, the values, and the behaviors of why people connect with the Olympics.

You and I connect for very different reasons, so we tried to bring that to life. And that data is now really the foundation of our marketing and what drives that personalized experience, so that when we’re advertising to someone on our CNBC news channel, that’s a different piece of content messaging than maybe on Bravo with a Real Housewives franchise or something like that — which you can imagine should be two very different pieces of content.

But it’s allowed us to have personal connections. It’s allowed us to be more nimble with our paid media and look-alike audiences. And also, just with our CRM, our email marketing campaigns, and our work in social media.

You only get to see these summer or winter Olympic athletes every four years. And so, my job and the team’s is to introduce these new storylines to you. We’re helping you understand these new athletes that very shortly are going to go from ordinary to extraordinary. And they are going to become household names in a matter of minutes, which really makes our job very fun as we get to dive into the stories and tell them with great authenticity.

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