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The E in Ecommerce? In 2020, It Stands for Everywhere

Kerby Meyers
January 03, 2020

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This is a preview of the ebook, “The 2020 Guide to Digital Commerce“.

Merriam-Webster reports that the word ecommerce, defined as “commerce conducted via the internet,” first surfaced in 1993 in a class that includes website, cybersurfer, and click through.

Today, nearly 30 years later, it could be argued that a more accurate definition for ecommerce is “commerce conducted everywhere.”

Consider your last few online purchases. Yes, they were facilitated through your phone, laptop, device, or desktop, but where were you physically when you hit the “buy” button?

On a break at work? In bed before turning in? During your morning commute? In a completely unrelated store?

Like you, your shoppers aren’t constrained by traditional notions of retail, so if you’re going to cater to their whims and needs, your business should be discoverable in all of the places they hang out. That will require leading-edge technology and a commitment to creativity and innovation.

Then, once that customer or prospect finds you, they’ll want you to know something about them—especially if they’ve shopped with you before. More specifically, as many as 68% of consumers agree that personalized experiences are important.

Assuming you pass the personalization test, you’d best be prepared to respond to any questions or concerns. Conversational commerce, frequently fronted by automated chatbots, is driven by tailored responses to queries at all hours of the day, with an option to engage with a real person within hours.

All told, the 2020 commerce experience relies heavily on ramped up service standards, with today’s shoppers expecting:

  • 24/7 accessibility featuring rapid replies
  • Brand integration with their day-to-day life
  • Responsible and secure handling of personal data
  • An online presence that reflects a hand-in-hand relationship with any bricks and mortar experience

Challenging? You bet.

Fortunately, advances in UX platforms using technology such as AI, machine learning, and cloud computing are making the previously impossible relatively manageable for retailers of most sizes.

To dig deeper into the nuances of today’s ecommerce environment, check out “The 2020 Guide to Digital Commerce“.

Kerby Meyers
An independent consultant specializing in the development of relevant messaging and strategic content, Kerby Meyers helps ensure that his clients' communication efforts resonate with customers, prospects, employees and investors. He has been connecting corporations with key stakeholders for more than a dozen years, with an emphasis on companies in the financial services industry. by Oracle is the destination for professionals who are building the next generation of customer experience. Here, you can find breaking news, in-depth analyses, expert insights, and useful tools that will empower you to think and work progressively.