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The Art and Science of Digital Marketing, with Sarah Bryowsky

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August 02, 2018

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In 2018, digital marketing is the most hired-for marketing role. The most sought-after skills in candidates for digital marketing roles include digital advertising, content creation and curation, and email marketing according to McKinley Marketing’s 2018 Marketing Hiring Trends Report.

However, even if you don’t possess a degree in digital marketing, there’s plenty of opportunity for both creative and analytics-driven professionals to get into the field.

At Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience conference, Sarah Bryowsky, Global Digital Marketing Director with Zebra Technologies, shared with us her indirect path to a successful role in digital marketing, and her insights on the art and science of successful digital marketing campaigns. Watch our video interview and read the transcript below.

My path to technology was definitely indirect. Back when I was in college, 20 years ago, there was no such thing as digital marketing. It has really evolved over time, and so I’ve really evolved my skills. I found flavor in the analytics and math side of things, which is something I’ve been drawn to over time.

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The path to a career in technology or digital marketing isn’t necessarily a straight path. There’s a lot of zigs and zags. You don’t have to be in traditional STEM to have a STEM degree, if you will. There’s a lot to customer experience and analytics that you can use both your left and right brain for. So, if you’re someone who enjoys the arts, you can still enjoy that in the space of a marketing or design function. There’s just a little more math involved if you choose that route.

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For example, when you go to a website, do you click on a round button or a square button? When your call-to-action button says “Buy Now” or “Shop Now” as a customer is searching, how do we start to influence the customer so they can get that item into the shopping cart sooner, and find the information they’re looking for? There’s a science and an art behind that.

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