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Survey: Prepping for Holiday 2018

Brenna Johnson
July 12, 2018


If you work in digital commerce, chances are, you’re already tied up in holiday planning. Ecommerce has become hyper-competitive, and the speed and focus typically tied to holiday prep may quickly become the norm year-round.

There’s more shiny, new ecommerce tech to invest in than ever before– but where are merchants really putting their resources and budget? Sometimes it’s hard to separate buzz from reality.

The critical holiday period is typically when merchants roll-out their differentiating strategies. This year, who’s focused on executing the basics, and who’s innovating with AI, voice, crypto, and same-day delivery?

Dying to know? So are we. We’re digging in to the data – and you can help.

We’re asking retail and direct-to-consumer ecommerce professionals where they are investing as they prep for holiday 2018 and 2019 in general with a quick, anonymous 10-click survey.

Help us help you get visibility into where ecommerce professionals are investing by taking the survey. And stay tuned for the findings!

Take the survey here.

Holiday 2018 survey

Brenna Johnson
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