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Voices Presents ‘Advice for Future Customer Experience Leaders’ Series

Mia McPherson
June 08, 2018

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In the spirit of graduation season, is proud to present our “Advice for Future Customer Experience Leaders” series featuring customer experience tips, career inspiration, and personal stories from some of the CX industry’s most influential leaders.

So if you’re a new or upcoming graduate who is looking to get into customer experience, or a current CX practitioner with your eye on becoming a top leader, read on for highlights from the series and click to view the full articles.

Plus, visit to view the full series and bookmark the page as we’ll continue to add more valuable insight and wisdom from customer experience leaders.

Vikki Kolbe“My biggest piece of advice is to not be afraid. You come into the game with skills, with knowledge, with dedication, with focus. If you’re doing the job, you should get paid for that job. Understand what your value is.”
– Vikki Kolbe, Senior VP of Industry Cloud, Oracle

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Kathy Baughman“While it’s not always possible to be paid for what you love, second best is to find something to love in what you’re doing.”
– Kathy Baughman, President and Founder of Comblu

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Jay Baer“I’m writing this on a plane, and the guy next to me is complaining about the Wi-Fi speed. On a plane! The fact that we can access the Internet while flying is remarkable in every way. Yet, now that we’ve experienced it, we want it more—we want it better, cheaper, and faster.”
– Jay Baer, Founder of Convince & Convert

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Joey Coleman“The people with the most successful careers don’t let their learning stop after they get their diploma. In fact, the most successful people accelerate their learning after graduation.”
– Joey Coleman, CX leader and award-winning speaker

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Dan Gingiss“An elderly woman was on the phone and she was livid. We were ruining her Christmas because the gift that she bought her grandson had not yet arrived…As I listened to her talk, instinct kicked in. I told her that Christmas was not going to be ruined on my account.”
– Dan Gingiss, CX leader and author of “Winning at Social Customer Care: How Top Brands Create Engaging Experiences on Social Media”

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Katie Martell“Nobody’s really sure what’s going on 100% of the time – even those who have been in the field for years. Consider your role a work in progress as companies continue to evolve and shift with the changing tides.”
– Katie Martell, Marketing Strategist and Co-Executive Director, Boston Content

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Chris Snook“Several years ago, in the midst of a tremendous financial meltdown in one of our businesses, everything seemed hopeless. I had this moment of clarity that despite the failure, turmoil, stress, and fear surrounding me and my wife, I wouldn’t have traded my life or my path for anyone else’s.”
– Chris J. Snook, Managing Partner, Launch Haus and best-selling author of “Digital Sense”.

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Geoff Galat“A true CX leader will see beyond the data, and will think in terms of personas, behaviors, and decisions, rather than conversion rates and cart abandonments.”
– Geoff Galat, CMO, Clicktale

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