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Smarter Demos: Making Collaborative Video Possible

SmarterCX Team
April 16, 2019

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SmarterCX presents the Smarter Demos series, a 2-minutes-or-less look at some of the most innovative CX technologies and how they work.

In this 9th video in the Smarter Demos series, we take a look at some of the latest CX tech enabling dynamic content marketing.

While on location at Oracle Modern Customer Experience 2019 in Las Vegas from March 19-21, the SmarterCX team met with Priya Shah, Co-Founder and CMO of Sauce, which is part of the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem. Priya explains how the Sauce platform lets companies tap into communities of customers or event attendees with smartphones to create exciting videos and brand engagement.

Watch our interview or read the transcript below.


SmarterCX: Tell me all about you and Sauce.

Priya Shah: I am one of the co-founders of Sauce. I look after the marketing and sales side. Sauce is a cloud-based video creation platform. We help brands through our platform to create video content with their communities of thousands of customers, fans, and employees all through the smartphone camera.

SmarterCX: That is so cool. So you don’t need any special equipment, and you don’t need a crew.

Priya Shah: No. All you need is a phone. And every single person – 2.5 billion people in the world have a smartphone camera on them. Video creation doesn’t need to be expensive. That’s a big barrier for a lot of businesses who want to create content but can’t because they don’t have those resources.

And, so, what Sauce does is really empower them to create simply through their phone cameras, with their teams, that already exist. And then, all that video content will be uploaded into the Sauce platform in various different projects. It will be tagged, so then, it’s all accessible to you, the content creators to actually grab those assets, and create final videos that can be shared on social media now or even later down the line.

It’s a really great partnership between Oracle and us. Our aim is to really integrate our platforms, because we really take care of the content creation side of things. Oracle has these amazing platforms that can use that content and deliver that to its customers, whether it’s through targeted emails, or optimization – we are integrating into those platforms.

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