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Smarter Demos: Incorporating Virtual Reality to Reimagine Staff Training

SmarterCX Team
May 14, 2019

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SmarterCX presents the Smarter Demos series, a 2-minutes-or-less look at some of the most innovative CX technologies and how they work.

Our NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show experience in New York City from January 13-15, wouldn’t be complete without giving some of the latest retail technology a try. In this 13th video of the Smarter Demo series, we spoke with Jamie Fleming, Founder and CEO of Studio 216, who allowed us to experience a virtual reality environment that helps train staff on customer service and sales interactions by creating a virtual store experience, complete with a virtual customer, and guided by a remote trainer.

Watch our interview and read the transcript below.

Smarter CX: I’m here at NRF with Jamie from Studio 216. Jamie, tell me about the cool things that you guys are doing at Studio 216.

Jamie Fleming: So we’re a spacial computing company and we build software solutions that run across devices. You can be on a headset, you can be on a Windows 10 computer or a tablet, you could be on an iOS phone; we’re networked together, collaborative.

So you were recently speaking to a remote trainer in Kansas City while you were going through a VR experience in a Sprint store. Studio 216 has actually been around for about 14 years, helping people, immersing people in environments that didn’t yet exist.

Our applications just had a lot of different use cases and so we now have active customers and active clients, and all these various scenarios of training, of field service, of sales and marketing or layout.

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