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Smarter Demos: Augmented Reality and Machine Learning Create a Smarter Shopping Experience

SmarterCX Team
December 18, 2018

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SmarterCX is proud to present the Smarter Demos series, a 2-minute-or-less look at some of the most innovative CX technologies and how they work.

The fourth video in the Smarter Demos series features a smarter shopping experience, combining machine learning, augmented reality, and virtual reality. In this retail shopping example, Faysal Sharif, Solution Engineer at Oracle, explains a better in-store shopping experience through a scenario in which a busy dad in a retail store uses an app to learn about products, research discounts, purchase an item, and pick it up at the front of the store. Watch Faysal’s demonstration and read the explanation below.

I’m Faysal Sharif, and we’re combining the elements of machine learning, augmented reality, and even bringing in some virtual reality in there, and using it to solve a retail problem. And that retail problem being: I go into a store, I’m a dad on a budget, and I see a toy, or I see something that I think my kid would like, but there’s usually not many people around. The most likely thing is, I’m just going to pick up the product ID or whatever, and I’m going to look it up on some other retailer’s site, which the physical retailers don’t want to hear, right?

But now, what a customer can do is they can just pull out their phone, pull up that retailer’s app, point it at the device that they want to get more information about, and it’ll provide, “Hey, I recognize it,” and they can tap on it, get the information right there, see a little bit of the flavor text, see the price, and the ability to buy.

But, let’s say the price is a little bit too high. Again, the dad on the budget is always looking for a deal. There’s a little chat icon, and you tap on that and you get put against that retailer’s chatbot. And you can ask that chatbot, “Hey, any deals on whatever?” And it will provide back something like, “Hey, if you buy this thing today, based off what you just asked about, you’ll get this and another free thing.”

There you go. More bang for your budget. And then, the dad can go back, hit buy, and have it ready at the front of the store. And the cool part about this solution is, we were able to combine these brand new technologies: AR, VR, AI, all into one valid business proposal. And on the other side, there’s another benefit to bringing augmented reality to the main stream. The idea of having digital images over objects — it’s super cool and futuristic, but the problem is you need context, and that’s where AI comes in. It provides the context, and if you start merging those two together, you get something incredibly valuable.

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