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Smarter Demos: An Intelligent Retail Chatbot in Action

SmarterCX Team
November 19, 2018

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SmarterCX is proud to present the Smarter Demos series, a 2-minute-or-less look at some of the most innovative CX technologies and how they work.

The second video in the Smarter Demos series features an example of a retail chatbot that harnesses artificial intelligence. This particular chatbot was designed to help retail managers increase their productivity by providing business insight into inventory, store performance, and other critical KPIs. Harsh Patel, Solution Engineer at Oracle, shows us the retail chatbot and explains how it works. Watch Harsh’s demonstration and read the explanation below.

We have basically built an artificially intelligent chatbot that will help employees in the retail industry. Currently, what a regional manager does is process a lot of data in order to find out what stores need his or her help, such as: What construction is going on in the nearby stores? What is the inventory status for each and every store? So, we are trying to target that particular issue and increase productivity.

Normally, the regional manager starts his day by coming into the office and opening up his messenger. We have integrated the chatbot with the messenger as the UI. So, he’ll open up his messenger, he’ll go to the chat and ask what stores are not performing well. The chatbot pops up a few of the stores which are very low on key performance indicators.

It also provides the routing information for all those stores. The retail manager can directly click on the route option from the chatbot and it will pop up Google Navigation for him. So, he can directly click on the directions and he’s good to go.

Additionally, let’s say he wants to visit all of the stores which need his help. He would just have to type in “Route to all the stores,” and the chatbot will bundle up the navigation. He just has to click it, and it will open up the navigation to all the stores, one after another.

So, the key benefits of using this intelligent chatbot are: it will increase the productivity of the regional manager, it will scale down the processing time of getting the information from a couple of hours to a couple of minutes, and it will empower regional managers to actually concentrate on solving the problem rather than trying to find what the problem actually is.

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