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Robots for Retail? The Future of Shopping, Today

Matt Fuhro
January 28, 2019

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The experience economy is upon us. Consumers today are more connected, have more choice, and expect a frictionless transaction process. At NRF 2019, vendors from across the globe showcased innovations in omnichannel retail technology that will breathe new life into the way we shop and consume. 

IAM Robotics, featured in the Innovation Lab at NRF, is already disrupting warehouse pick and pack processes. The technology is expanding fast to consumer brands and retail floors bringing a new perspective to cost saving options.

Forbes highlights 3 reasons robotic technology is moving in on the B2C segment: rising labor costs, productivity enhancements and happier customers; and by 2022, 70% of all U.S. consumers will purchase consumer packaged goods online, reports the Food Marketing Institute. As fulfillment and operational KPIs become more important to the bottom line, robotic automation provides inroads to business growth. Kristin Fornal, Marketing Communications Manager at IAM Robotics, showed us a demo of the Swift autonomous piece-picking robot.  The “IAM Ready to Help” interactive store allowed attendees to select an item of their choice for Madison to pick from shelves.  

Madison enables 24/7/365 picking, handling and product replenishment and the proprietary equipment can complete between 200-300 picks per hour at a rate of $4.50. The technology also complements hybrid retail environments where consumers can order online and pick up in store the same day.

IAM Robotics claims the changing labor market and growth of technology adoption are also reasons they are ready to take on customer experience of the future.

To learn more about the technology and products visit their website at www.IAMRobotics.com.

Matt Fuhro
Matt Fuhro is a New Jersey native and lover of all things New York sports, reality TV, and well done pizza. Matt is a Digital Strategist at Oracle with experience in B2C and B2B advertising and ecommerce strategy.
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