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New Customer Experience Research Will Make You Question Everything

Samantha Hausler
March 21, 2018

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Because of the speed customer experience (CX) is moving, executives leading the charge often have mixed up perceptions about their own proficiencies and how prepared they are to face the future. Rapidly changing data and smarter technology keeps changing what customers expect from brands.

As we previously reported, we set out to hear from the field directly, analyzing survey responses from over 350 CX professionals to get a better handle on their actual state of CX. The meaning behind three of our discoveries may change the way you think about your strategy and the art and science behind CX.

Don Peppers CX Quote

1. 65% have a good understanding of what their customers expect of a positive experience.
We found that CX leaders have a pretty good grasp on keeping the customer top of mind when developing an experience. They’re very versed in The Art of CX – or, using intuition and anecdotal information to uncover insights – which is a key piece to maintaining a human connection in the experiences you create.

The Science of CX

2. BUT, only 32% say they have access to all the information they need to fully understand their customers’ needs.
Even if they did have the access they need, it’s not likely CX leaders will actually be able to connect the dots across departments to make sense of first- and third-party data. The Science of CX – or, using data to uncover insights, interpret behaviors, and inform decisions – is a necessary addition to the Art of CX in order to keep up with pace of change for customer expectations. It’s being able to know who your customer is from past and present interactions then apply those insights accurately, and in real-time.

CX Strategy Fact

3. And most shocking, 55% believe their company will face disruption from more nimble competitors.
Despite overwhelming confidence in understanding what customers want, most CX professionals believe their companies won’t be able to support the execution of experiences that keep up with their competitors’ innovation and customer-focus. So even if internal teams create the ultimate CX strategy that blends art and science, it’s not guaranteed it’ll get into market–which should be a big corporate concern.

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Samantha Hausler
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