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ModernCX, Day 1: An Influencer, an Executive and a YouTuber Walk into a Room

Matt Fuhro
April 11, 2018

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The opening keynote of Modern CX 2018 started with a light show and ended with an inspiring talk with YouTuber Casey Neistat. Here I cover everything in between.

ModernCX quote - Des Cahill

Des Cahill, Head Global Evangelist for CX Cloud: An Inspiring Look Ahead for Every CX Hero

Des gave an inspiring outlook for all customer experience professionals. Expectations placed on CX experts are growing more intense — we are all moving targets amongst a changing technology landscape. He dropped 5 golden nuggets:

  1. Lead with the change—or your competitors will. “A survey of 350 customer experience professionals revealed 65% feel ready to drive CX innovation but over 50% are concerned their competitors are doing it better.”
  2. For us marketers: Find the signal in the noise — start with one piece of data and solve a problem.
  3. For the growing commerce professionals: Performance is now measured by the hour. Constantly run experiments and test.
  4. For the sales professionals: Sustainable CRM and SFA tools no longer cut it. We need to engage and empower teams with predictive intelligence.
  5. For service professionals: When do we start to augment duties of agents with technology to provide the best CX?

ModernCX quote - Charlie Herrin

A Q&A with Comcast Executive VP, Chief Customer Experience Officer Charlie Herrin: Start Your CX Plan with a Dose of Humility

Jay Baer, Influencer and New York Times Best Selling Author, introduced Charlie Herrin for a Q&A about his transformative role at Comcast leading CX initiatives. Put simply, Charlie says customer service is what happens when the experience breaks. He’s not wrong. After 6 months on the job back in 2014, Charlie put a standard project framework in place for breaking the CX barrier at Comcast.

      1. A strong customer viewpoint
      2. Automation – the technology that makes service happen
      3. Reliable engineering
      4. Continuous employee feedback: what are the roadblocks to success that our employees are surfacing?
      5. Simplification in process

The framework supports a single strategy for Comcast’s customer experience organization: Scaling to 1 Customer. The goal is to understand the customer at every touch point. Proactive, predictive, and intelligent communication at each interaction. He gives an example to Jay Baer on stage: “The goal is not being one size fits all, one broad aggregate. I see that you restarted your modem and you are still having issues, for example. These issues can be solved faster with predictive chat and guided self-service.” Looking forward, Charlie is excited to put “put CX into the products themselves; a contextual connection to the product.” He gave 2 examples of this: SMS text and in-app 1:1 dialogue, and AI machine learning right inside your cable box.

ModernCX quote - Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat: Do What You Can’t

Casey is a digital disrupter, content creator, and brand builder. He talked about finding passion in unconventional ways and finding your audience by listening and connecting ideas to products, not the other way around. With over 9 million YouTube subscribers and a history of brand partnerships with Nike, Samsung, and Mercedes Benz, Casey is a natural marketer who understands how online audiences affect demand generation and brand perception.

“The way Tarzan gets across the jungle is how I describe my career. There is no one vine that got me here but plenty of others that can still get you to the other side.” He closed with a simple idea: Do What You Can’t.


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