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Markies Monday: 4 Digital CX Transformations Led by Game Changing System Integrators

Roger Feigelson
December 07, 2020

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Welcome back to Markies Monday, a weekly blog series designed to help you learn more about the 2020 Markie Awards categories, finalists, and winners. Be sure to check back each week to learn how Oracle CX customers drive success and build customer relationships that last.

Everything in business today revolves around providing the best customer experience. It’s not just a buzz phrase but truly reflects that success depends on focusing on the customer first. Oracle’s system integrators (SIs) play a crucial role in executing a strong customer experience vision by developing strategies and implementing the Oracle Cloud CX solution.

Below we explore the Markie submissions for the Game Changer CX SI category from some of the most successful SIs and how they focused on four key aspects of customer experience:

1. Getting customer service right

A large industrial maintenance and asset management company had a simple objective—to dramatically improve post-sales service for their automation solutions. Some of the world’s most successful companies rely on their solutions and providing impeccable service was of paramount importance. If they achieved this improvement, they would net their business an additional $400M over the next 3 years. As it were, their processes were manual, supported by technology limited to Excel, email, and data that was fragmented across a dozen ERP systems globally.

To achieve this, their various CX products would need to run together as a single solution. The portfolio was vast — including Service, Sales, Field Service, CPQ, and eCommerce from the front office side, with integration to their JD Edwards back-office application. Having performed over 1700 implementations, ATS was confident that Oracle partner Amberleaf could figure this all out.

Amberleaf, a Markie finalist, delivered, and in the process created a repeatable offering they call the “Integrated Customer Experience.” The results were impressive: Field service technicians were empowered to receive work assignments, prepare for work trips, and track their activity, all remotely from the field. They used their mobile devices to view their customer’s products, inventory on hand, and provide quotes. Amberleaf even closed a gap between marketing and service by expanding the marketing of their products and services specifically to gain customer feedback.

2. Migrating from a provider that couldn’t keep up

In another Markie finalist example, a gaming hardware company wanted to transform their business, starting with a fundamental migration from another service solution to Oracle CX Service. A world leader in connected devices and software for gamers with a mission of transforming how people play games and engage with each other, the company knew their current service product couldn’t get them to the level of customer service they needed to fulfill their mission, lacking both the scalability and automation necessary. As a result, they couldn’t meet their customers’ needs.

The company turned to SoftClouds to craft a solution using Oracle CX Service, integrating it with their SAP data warehouse, PayPal payment processing system, and shipping systems to streamline the flow of their business. The end result:

  • $1M reduction in costs from their original provider’s implementation.
  • 100% elimination in manual processes.
  • 80% reduction in resolution time thanks to automation.
  • 90% improvement in customer experience from their user-friendly improved user interface.

Everyone was happy—both employees and customers shared dramatic increases in satisfaction.

3. Content delivery is important

Panasonic was in the middle of a transformation. Their partner Boxfusion had already delivered a unified CX solution inclusive of sales, service, and marketing, but there were gaps. They were missing a way to manage content and to develop for the cloud. They needed to create a partner portal, an eLearning solution, and a digital asset library. Boxfusion recommended Oracle Content and Experience and Visual Builder Cloud Service to address both these gaps.

The end result was a leap forward in design, providing near real-time information and significant enhancement of the customer experience. The result showed 133% increase in deal registrations, 600% increase in e-learning submissions, and 63% reduction in the average time for opportunities to convert to deals. What this means is brand engagement expanded, there was an increased interest in e-learning, and reduced time between nurturing activities to an actual sale. And, they shattered their informational silos.

4. Unifying data improves personalization

The winning submission this year had a big order to fill. A large telecommunications company had data challenges: Their sales data was fragmented across 35+ sources, severely impacting their lead management. They partnered with Accenture, whose first challenge was to unify this data into a single customer data management (CDM) platform. Over 100 million customer records were consolidated and 60 million contact records de-duplicated from these disparate sources. With a cleaned up CDM, Accenture’s customer was now able to deliver quality leads to its 11,000+ sellers on weekly basis, rather than monthly under the old system.

The telecom company then embarked on their next mission — capturing customer behavior and delivering precise personalized messages. To do this, Accenture worked with Oracle and its brand new CX Unity offering. CX Unity uses AI and machine learning to bring data together from all sources and then applies intelligence to provide immediate insight into the customer.

The telecom company would become the first customer to use it. Accenture built their first B2B data model to capture customer behavior through CX Infinity, Oracle’s data analytics platform. All of this is used to intelligently segment customer data to the marketing automation platform, Eloqua and Adobe Audience Manager.

This impressive work contributed to Accenture winning the 2020 Markie award for The Game Changer CX SI Partner.

All of these Markie submissions are variations on the same theme–ultimately, the customer experience is the North Star on which to focus. These partners show through these striking customer examples that they embrace this mission and enable their customers to deliver a great experience for both employees and customers.

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Roger Feigelson
Roger Feigelson leads the Oracle CX Marketing North America alliance team, working with strategic integrators and ISVs that build and implement marketing solutions. He's a 28-year veteran of Oracle, serving in many different capacities including marketing, operations, and alliances. He lives in Belmont, California right near Oracle's headquarters, although he hasn't really seen headquarters since last March!
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