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Markies Monday: 3 Ways to Win a Markie Award

Angela Wells
December 21, 2020

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Thank you to all of the 2020 Markies winners, finalists, and submissions.

Over the past 16 weeks, you‘ve had the chance to learn more about the categories, finalists, and winners of the 2020 Markie Awards in our Markies Monday blog series. Can you see now why the judges had such a hard time picking the winners this year? Check out the links below to learn more about each of the Markie categories and the finalists and winners we applauded.

Since 2007, the Markie Awards celebrate innovation and excellence in customer experience. Each year, hundreds of submissions are received from across the globe, and this year’s finalists proved they were “movers, shakers, and experience-makers” as they shared how they delivered quality customer experience for their brands.

2020 has been a year unlike any other, and now, more than ever, customer experience is the key differentiator to strengthen customer relationships and grow revenue. In 2021, the Markies will continue to honor the creators of standout customer experiences across marketing, sales, service, and commerce, bringing light to what goes on below the surface of CX.

As you prepare to take advantage of the 2021 Markie Award Call for submissions in the new year, here are 3 ways to win a Markie Award.

1. Tell your story: the whole story, in full detail

To win a Markie award, go beyond a dry retelling of the basics of your program and the end results. Share all the details that led to the outcome:

  • What was the situation before?
  • What problems were you trying to solve?
  • What actions did you take?
  • Who worked well on the project, internally and externally?
  • What did you have to overcome in order to succeed?
  • What tools did you use?
  • What did you learn?
  • What do you plan to do next?

Stories have the power to draw us in and motivate us to act. When we see ourselves in the trials the heroes of stories face, we can see ourselves making the same decision they made to overcome the problems. Telling your story in a compelling way will help keep the judges interested.

2. Be creative

How you tell your story matters. Tap into your team’s skills and find a way to share a story that’s both innovative and compelling.

  • Do you have someone on the team who paints pictures with words? Enlist them to help your story jump off the page and take the reader on a customer experience journey.
  • Have compelling content you want the judges to see? Judges love videos! Consider sharing a video to bring your success to life.
  • Include documentation of those details that highlight your accomplishment — planning docs, screenshots, dashboards, or whatever helps tell your story.

Using creative ways to highlight how you solved your challenges is a sure way to get the attention of the Markie judges.

3. Share your results

Numbers matter, and in the end, they often decide who wins. It’s not a matter of who has the best ROI or another metric, but it’s the fact that you measured and know how you improved that does. If you have metrics like the below, include them:

  • How did you create value for your customers or your organization?
  • Did you save time or free up resources for more critical work?
  • Have you reduced spend in the short or long term?
  • What efficiencies did you gain?
  • Did you have any KPI improvements?

Good or bad, results drive many decisions made in business today. Be sure to highlight the results that made your submission worthy of a Markie Award.

Looking ahead

Can you see how the achievements of you and your team can compare with the 2020 Markie Award finalists’ and winner’s accomplishments? The Markie judges want to hear your stories, too. What are you proud of from this unpredictable year of 2020?

Keep your eyes on the Markies website for key dates and information on the 2021 Markie Awards, as the call for nominations will open quite early in the new year. While 2020 has delivered a lot of unprecedented circumstances, customer experience remains essential for companies and leaders to adapt to the changes. The Markie judges can’t wait to see how you’ve adapted and thrived this year.

Congratulations again to all involved in the 2020 Markies! To our submitters, and to our internal team, I‘m grateful for all involved with this year‘s awards.

Angela Wells Oracle
Angela Wells
Angela Wells leads Oracle’s CX Customer Advocacy team, putting her in the perfect spot to learn and share customers’ stories. She lives in Atlanta, and has over 20 years of marketing and market research experience. When she’s not sharing customer stories, she’s almost certainly talking about sports or watching her two sons play baseball. Follow along with her adventures at @AngWWells.
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