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Markies Monday: 3 Tips on How to Launch a Global Campaign

Amanda Crocker
September 14, 2020

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We’re proud to present our third article for Markies Monday, a weekly blog series designed to help you learn more about the 2020 Markie Award categories, finalists, and winners. Check back each week to learn how Oracle CX customers are driving success and building customer relationships that last.

What works in one city or country may not work in all. A single message often means different things to different people. To not only successfully reach different audiences geographically, but also connect with people of various cultures, in different languages—is nothing short of incredible. Oracle recently celebrated marketers who were able to achieve such a feat, with The Borderless Award for Best International Campaign.

Are you curious about how your team can architect an effective campaign across the globe? Read on for a few tips.

Markies Monday: 3 Tips on How to Launch a Global Campaign

Make it easy

A global campaign is anything but easy, but as many of the Markie finalists demonstrated, if you can create an easily repeatable campaign, no matter what region or language it’s launched, it exponentially cuts down the amount of work that needs to be done. For example, Markie Award winner Aon created a “country activation kit” to guide regional teams for consistent implementation, while allowing translation and localization to suit executives in each region. This marketing program created better alignment among sales and marketing teams, and they now have the opportunity to utilize the toolkits and playbooks for future campaigns. They achieved incredible success, as their campaign led to 1,500 sales accepted leads for highly influential C-suite contacts around the world.

Markies Monday: 3 Tips on How to Launch a Global Campaign

Find common ground

As marketers and human beings, when we communicate, the typical goal is to have the listener understand what we’re saying. When developing effective messaging to be used around the world, smart brands like Laerdal Medical stop and think about common ground. There will always be nuances in cultures and languages, but what shouldn’t vary too greatly is the main message. Once that’s established, personalizing communications based on regional variances helps to reach the target audience.

Take, for example, Laerdal Medical, the company that created the first mannequin to be used for resuscitation training. They believe that when applying best practices, survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest can be increased from 7% to 12%, saving roughly 50,000 more lives each year. To support this goal, they decided to run a global multi-channel campaign to train as many people in CPR as possible, The World Restart a Heart Day. Their goal and messaging is clear, to help save lives with proper training.

Oracle Eloqua empowered the team to conceptualize, plan, and run global campaigns without having to involve too many team members, increasing effectiveness. The World Restart a Heart Day campaign launched across 14 countries, via email, social, and live communications, and reached over 100 thousand individuals, where more than 50 thousand trained in CPR events.

Markies Monday: 3 Tips on How to Launch a Global Campaign

Align sales and marketing teams globally

Another common thread that’s found among all finalists for this Markie category is alignment. Almost all of Oracle’s customers have made it a priority to collaborate with the sales organizations in their companies. Outokumpu embarked on a digital journey, completely transforming its global marketing and sales operations. After deploying Oracle Eloqua across all regions, they defined buyer personas and journeys. They then set campaign goals and target markets, all while involving input and collaboration from sales and marketing business units. In just four months, they went from a nonexistent digital marketing and lead generation system, to fully embracing automation and receiving a steady flow of leads. The results of Outokumpu’s pilot campaigns went far beyond industry standards. Their average unique CTR is 210% over industry averages. They generated 151 leads, exceeding their goal of 100. One of their most exciting outcomes includes successfully converting a lead with the potential to surpass the revenue of all sales to date for the product.

Launching a highly complex campaign that’s scalable and repeatable across the globe can be daunting. But what we learn from brands with success in this area is encouraging. Align with your sales org, find common-ground messaging, and create programs that you can easily implement again and again. You’ll save time, resources, and take comfort in the fact that you’re in lockstep with other business units in your organization.

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Amanda Crocker
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