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Markies Monday: 3 Tips for Using Knowledge to Innovate and Elevate Your Customer Service

Karen Rihs
November 23, 2020

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Welcome back to Markies Monday, a weekly blog series designed to help you learn more about the 2020 Markie Awards categories, finalists, and winners. Be sure to check back each week to learn how Oracle CX customers drive success and build customer relationships that last.

The Thinker Award for Best Innovation in Service and Field Service honors those who dream about bigger and better commerce, service, and field service experiences—then roll up their sleeves and make them happen. This year, the success of all of the finalists centered around transforming their business through effective knowledge management.

Let’s look at a few of the best practices shared by the Thinker Award winner and finalists, using knowledge to improve and differentiate their customer service offering.

Go big with knowledge

Knowledge is the cornerstone of exceptional customer service, and it begins with getting knowledge to those who are servicing your customers. Enabling those stakeholders with a central source of consistent knowledge and search functionality that’s proactive and intelligent, helps them deliver the best answers, which in turn increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The 2020 Thinker Award winner Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, helped one of the nation’s oldest and largest banks as they began their digital transformation journey. The bank was experiencing challenges with the document management system it was using for policies and procedures. Pain points included inefficient processes, lack of automation, poor analytics, performance degradation, and platform scalability and stability. All of which impacted customer service.

Recognizing that the next step in its journey needed to be a move to a modern, robust knowledge management solution, the bank engaged Infosys to implement Oracle Knowledge Management. In 22 weeks, Infosys set up the knowledge platform to support the bank’s 14,000+ employees across multiple lines of business. Content is now housed and maintained in a central knowledge repository, so employees can quickly and easily find the information they need to support customer inquiries.

The bank improved operational efficiency in its branches and its contact center, resulting in significant cost savings. Furthermore, time savings and customer service improvements now help the bank drive additional product sales and revenue at its branches. The knowledge system is even supporting more efficient and cost-effective onboarding and training of new employees. Clearly, “going big” with its digital transformation from a content-management system to a cutting-edge knowledge management solution yielded stellar results for the bank.

Go wide with knowledge

Providing knowledge everywhere— across channels and global support — is key to delivering outstanding customer service, as exemplified by Thinker Award finalist Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center. To drive customer satisfaction to the next level, the knowledge management team at Mercedes-Benz, a Daimler brand, wanted to reinvent the way it responds to customer inquiries, striving to answer customer questions correctly the first time, and on the channel of their choice.

The Knowledgebase Company helped Mercedes-Benz leverage the power of Oracle Knowledge Management to consolidate multiple knowledge sources and systems onto a single, modern platform. After 11 months, the company launched the solution across 20 countries and in numerous languages. The platform is integrated with Siebel CRM to provide easy to find, reliable, and consistent knowledge for all Daimler sales and after-sales employees at its headquarters, contact centers, market performance centers, distributors, and dealerships. The solution also serves Mercedes-Benz end customers, including owners, companies, fleet managers, and prospects.

Hundreds of knowledge articles were created, and a strong organization of ambassadors maintains the content to support the company’s 100+ users with the best possible knowledge repository. By “going wide” with knowledge, the team is well on its way to achieving its goal of serving all customers around the world with seamless, best-in-class support and self-help solutions across its websites and channels. Mercedes-Benz is living up to the brand’s most important promise – “The best or nothing”.

Go further with knowledge

Several 2020 Thinker Award finalists took things a step further, enhancing their successful knowledge implementations with Oracle Intelligent Advisor, a powerful decision automation solution that empowers users to deliver truly personalized service.

One finalist, a well-known financial services company, understands that customer service is a top differentiator in this changing, complex, and highly-regulated industry. It wanted its customer service to stand out by providing a referable end-to-end service experience for every advisor, every client, and every interaction.

With Oracle Knowledge Management and assistance from partner Speridian Technologies, the team created 13,000 articles of content distributed to multiple user groups across different platforms. The knowledge team also delivered over 100 guides to its contact center and operations associates, 50% of which were available to their advisor practices. In two years, the guides received an impressive 1.6 million views combined.

Oracle Intelligent Advisor allows the company the opportunity to reach its users on a whole new level. By reducing the interpretation of complex content and providing consistent answers across multiple channels, the solution gives users a quicker and more confident path to the right answer the first time, improving customer service. For associates, this reduced time to proficiency, reduced average handling time, and increased confidence. For advisor practices, this increased self-service opportunities, decreased calls and rejected business, and increased efficiency. This is a shining example of how together Oracle Knowledge Management and Intelligent Advisor adds impressive value to the company and elevates customer service.

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Karen Rihs
Karen Rihs is the Customer Advocacy Lead for Oracle Service and Field Service. Although she lives in New York, she’s still an Oregonian at heart. She loves collaborating with Oracle customers to capture their stories, and showcase their success and innovations. She’s a fan of British television and belly laughs every day at the antics of her cats, Scooter and Lulu.
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