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Markies Monday: 3 Omnichannel Strategies to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Christine Davis
October 26, 2020

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Welcome back to Markies Monday, a weekly blog series designed to help you learn more about the 2020 Markie Awards categories, finalists, and winners. Be sure to check back each week to learn how Oracle CX customers drive success and build customer relationships that last.

Delivering a unified brand message through an omnichannel marketing approach is one of the keys to customer satisfaction. With new marketing and advertising channels regularly being added across the spectrum, providing a consistent experience for customers can be a challenge.

The finalists in The Omni Award for Best Omni-channel Experience (Marketing, Sales, and Service) show they can craft personalized, end-to-end experiences that support a buy-anywhere, fulfill-anywhere strategy.

Let’s look at a few of the best practices shared by our Omni Award finalists and winner.

Use customer intelligence to get a unified view of the customer

When finalist Youcom, a young fashion chain in Brazil with 99 brick and mortar stores and a robust ecommerce platform, decided to move to an omnichannel approach, they knew an integrated customer experience would improve customer satisfaction.

Youcom wanted an integrated view of their main data sources in order to have a full view of their customers’ buying preferences—whether online, in person, or in social channels. They also wanted to standardize customer relationship guidelines across as many different points of contact as possible, such as email, SMS, website, and in-store.

Youcom launched their first unified, data-driven campaign on Black Friday. They used the campaign to encourage customers to shop online more frequently and to head to brick-and-mortar stores when available in their cities.

The segmented Black Friday campaign, which combined customer relationship and experience information with data intelligence and technology, achieved engagement rates 4x higher than the brand’s average, and website personalization generated a 4.44% uplift in conversion rate.

These strategies also encouraged repurchase, as 28.41% of the targeted audiences made a new purchase within the period of the promotion. Of those purchases, nearly a quarter were made in brick-and-mortar stores, showing the power of enhancing omnichannel selling efforts.

To get cross-brand personalization right, integrate across multiple channels

Omni Award finalist Spur Corporation is a franchiser with 8 unique brands and more than 500 restaurants, including steakhouses, family dining establishments, and pizzerias. Their restaurant franchises can be found in Africa, Mauritius, the Middle East, and Australasia. With so many customers of varying dining interests, age-groups, incomes, cultures, and languages, it was difficult for them to create effective cross-brand personalized marketing.

Partnering with Engagement Factory, Spur developed a fully-integrated omnichannel campaign strategy designed to reach each audience with the right message through their preferred channels.

Spur used Oracle CX solutions to segment and personalize omnichannel campaigns. They reached customers with social targeting, display ads, SMS push messaging, email communication, and landing pages.

Since going live, Spur experienced a significant cost-per-conversion rate decrease. They’ve seen campaigns with click-through rates at more than 5 times their previous average and others with a 30% increase in engagement.

Provide content with the right context

Omni Award winner Aon wanted to drive new business among the influential C-suite audience. They knew this audience group didn’t value content produced by brands. Aon partnered with a well-known international daily newspaper as part of a highly-focused omnichannel campaign series that included printed materials, web, email, and social media elements. The intent was to create a series of expert content reports. Aon also hosted the reports on an interactive landing page. When users downloaded the report, the leads were sent to sales operations and further qualified to receive a four-stage email campaign.

Aon spent 15 months building their content and preparing for the campaign, and the result was compelling. Out of 2,210 form submissions, they confirmed 1,500 sales-accepted leads. The project also improved global marketing and sales team alignment, in part due to an internal Oracle Eloqua campaign offering advocacy and toolkits.

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Christine Davis
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