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Mark Hurd on the Modern Connected Customer Experience

Erin Ollila
September 04, 2019

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If there’s one thing that’s true about customer experience (CX), it’s that it is ever-changing. With data and tech improvements in all industries, consumers are — rightfully — expecting more and more from the companies they buy from.

Here we take a look at how executives, like Oracle’s CEO Mark Hurd, as well as industry analysts and research firms view modern changes in customer experience and how organizations can keep up.

B2B and B2C customer sentiment is shifting

Long gone are the days in which cost was the sole driving factor for purchasing decisions. Oracle research shows that 86% of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience.

As Hurd said at ModernCX 2019, “The customer doesn’t delineate whether I’m engaged with you on the web versus when I’m engaged with you on the phone or in person. It’s all one experience. The ability for us to leverage that…from one part of the relationship to the other is key, and to make sure at every turn, we do it in a way that’s helping the customer advance their agenda as opposed to just advancing our agenda.”

Ever-changing B2B and B2C customer sentiment begs the question: Have you thought about how your company is meeting your customers’ agendas lately?

Omnichannel strategies are key to a connected customer experience

Companies are always looking for different ways to connect with consumers, and one way to do that is to be present in all the ways that customers are begging for them to show up. Two spaces in particular stand out in 2019: email and live chat.

Consumers check their emails at work, on personal computers and tablets, on phones, and now, even watches, making it the perfect way to connect, regardless of how ready they are to purchase. In its 2018 Customer Service Trends report (purchase required), Forrester reports that 54% of companies used an email service channel in 2018.

Live chat is also a game changer with regard to how customers experience a brand. By providing a seamless chat experience — instead of forcing consumers to get on a call or send an email and wait for a response — a brand removes obstacles that a customer must overcome to connect. JD Power reports that 60% of people who used chat for customer support said they “definitely will” recommend using the channel to the people in their network, such as friends, family members, and colleagues.

Connected data helps companies improve CX

If you’re looking to improve on customer experience, look directly at your systems and tools. AI, chatbots, and IoT are great starts to provide organizations with connected intelligence. This information enhances CX by improving response times, creating customized interactions, and enabling targeted responses.

Perhaps more importantly, effective customer experience platforms can unify, sync, and augment a customer’s data throughout their entire journey.

Oracle’s Hurd says, “The ability to navigate through all of this data is better than ever, the ability to analyze this data is better than ever, the ability to get a common data model around all of this is better than ever. We believe…we’re the company that can bring all of this capability into one place.”

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Erin Ollila
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