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Mack Trucks, Then and Now: A Journey to Digital Marketing Success

Mia McPherson
March 20, 2018

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For the first time in 15 years, Mack Trucks has released a new Anthem Truck. While some traditions have remained the same for the 118-year-old brand, like the bulldog hood ornament, other aspects of the business have changed considerably.

Over the past decade and a half, Mack has grown exponentially along its digital marketing journey, making strides to get closer to the customer. Not an easy feat within a B2B market, Mack has made a concerted effort to grow organically via social media, through targeted content strategies, and by utilizing data across their customers’ buying journey.

Here are some of the ways Mack’s digital marketing strategy has evolved.

Mack Trucks digital marketing - then and now



  • Mack more effectively manages customer relationships with connected systems like Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Social Cloud, and can measure results including ROI
  • A more targeted and personal content strategy, like a series of YouTube videos and a live streaming of the Mack Anthem unveiling on YouTube and Facebook, have helped grow its social presence and following 100% organically.
  • Social media has had such an impact on the brand that Mack’s Neil Tolbert declared, “Twitter is the modern CB radio for our industry.”
  • With its marketing and social cloud technology, Mack engages in effective social listening and gains insight into when an interested viewer clicks a social post, downloads a marketing asset, or browses the website
  • Throughout the Mack Anthem campaign, the company generated about 1,700 qualified leads.

With its digital marketing journey well underway, Mack has now set its sights on connecting with customers through the effective use of data.

Want to get a closer look at the new Mack Anthem truck? View Oracle’s Angela Wells’s journey through the Mack Customer Center.

Mia McPherson
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