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Leveraging Technology for Non-Profit, with Pamela Jacob

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June 25, 2018

2 minute read is proud to highlight women in technology who are driving innovation, creating the next generation of customer experience, and inspiring future leaders. We met with Pamela Jacob, Manager, Social Impact, Oracle NetSuite who shared with us the organization’s mission to empower non-profits with leading technology, and some of the ways in which non-profits can grow through efficient use of tech.

Watch our interview with Pamela and read the transcript below.

My name is Pamela Jacob, and I work at Oracle NetSuite Social Impact. The Oracle NetSuite Social Impact program was founded by NetSuite’s founder, Evan Goldberg, who really championed the use of technology in a non-profit space.

What we’ve realized is, why should a non-profit not be able to access great technology just because they can’t afford it? So, we’ve instituted the Social Impact product donation program where we can provide free software or heavily discounted software to non-profits and social enterprises to empower them to grow and be more efficient using technology.

From weeks to minutes

Essentially, our goal is to make sure that the customer is going to be successful. Right now, we have about a thousand non-profits on our software, and it’s really exciting to hear some of the stories about how they used to spend two or three weeks to run certain reports and now they can do it in a matter of minutes.

Eliminating manual entry

Technology can help non-profits in a variety of ways. Most obviously, coming from someone who worked in non-profit operations, it’s eliminating the manual entry processes. A lot of operational departments in non-profits are using things like Excel or paper trails of checks from donors. We really want to help automate a lot of their processes so they can be more efficient and spend more time on their mission, and not worry so much about the data entry and the reporting that they have to do for their funders.

Overcoming fear of tech

Overall, I think non-profits might be scared of technology, at least in my own experience. I worked at a very big non-profit and a very small non-profit, both of which had inefficiencies that could have been automated and streamlined through technology.

And so that’s our goal with the Social Impact program – to really make sure that they’re armed with the right resources to propel themselves forward using technology.

To learn more about the Social Impact program and to refer a non-profit or social enterprise, visit, and to learn more about NetSuite for Nonprofit organizations, visit

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