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Improve Customer Experience in 2020 With These 3 Strategic Moves

Erik Mathes
January 24, 2020

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Wondering what’s on the minds of your employees this year? You don’t have to guess. According to an Oracle survey of more than 1,500 professionals across 20 countries and different disciplines, over 90% of respondents agreed that customer experience was a primary focus within their organization. Yet, the same study found that just 40% feel confident in both the current CX capabilities and their potential for future implementation.

If you’re looking to improve your company’s CX and build a stable foundation for the future, these strategic moves could help.

Focus on content quality over quantity

One of the biggest marketing mistakes is when companies pump out content just for the sake of publishing on a set schedule. Unless your writers and marketers can consistently create high-level collateral that offers value to those who read it, consider altering the approach.

By putting more thought and time into crafting purposeful pieces that create an air of openness and clarity around your product and company culture, you’ll help potential and existing customers better understand and get more out of your product/service.

Not only that, the same marketing materials can be consumed by employees across different teams to get everyone aligned with the company mission, offerings, and goals, especially when onboarding new hires.

Ease the burden on CRM managers by streamlining data collection

The Oracle survey cited above also found that as you move from SVPs down to individual contributors, such as managers and data scientists, the confidence level drops significantly when it comes to the use of customer data, the implementation of custom CX, and ability to prioritize customer experience changes within the organization.

According to the report, “The CRM team feels the most pain. CRM managers and directors show a significant level of dissatisfaction compared to other roles, with 13% stating that they could not access the data they needed, and 24% asserting that they could not apply it.”

One way to ease the burden on those responsible for managing and understanding the vast streams of data coming into your company is to keep it in as few places as possible, preferably one single management system. Equally vital is providing access to everyone who deals directly with customers, so each of these team members can deliver the same high level of CX.

Hire a dedicated CX professional to instill the practice across the entire organization

Sure, the majority of professionals consider CX a primary focus, but Oracle’s report also found that marketers “still express anxieties around their current and planned use of CX, especially when considering if they have the right team and skills in place to succeed in the future.”

Even more startling, the survey found that “72% of marketers are concerned that they don’t have the right skills to compete” in the new CX landscape.

To help your employees keep up with current and developing trends, consider hiring a dedicated CX professional who can align marketing, sales, customer service, and key executives on the best ways to implement these initiatives throughout the company.

These special hires can also analyze the factors that lead to satisfied customers and higher retention rates to create a system for delivering and measuring CX success, something Oracle’s survey found to be a pain point for those involved in the process.

CX is continually developing as technology makes it easier for businesses to implement and evaluate it, and these 3 moves can better position your company as the practice advances and becomes more mainstream.

Erik Mathes
Erik Mathes is a content marketing and SEO expert with an extensive background in food and drink, travel, lifestyle, and tech. He has consulted and created content for some of the world's most notable companies and startups, including Amazon, MasterCard, Unilever, AWAY, Neil Patel Digital, Vitamix, LivingSocial, and Oracle, and his writing has appeared in dozens of publications, including BuzzFeed, AFAR, The Daily Meal, The Huffington Post, Yahoo! Travel, and USA Today. by Oracle is the destination for professionals who are building the next generation of customer experience. Here, you can find breaking news, in-depth analyses, expert insights, and useful tools that will empower you to think and work progressively.