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How Data Can Improve Your CX Career Path, with Carolyne Matseshe-Crawford

SmarterCX Team
June 28, 2018

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Using data to raise the bar when it comes to interactions with customers is one of the hottest topics in customer experience. But how many CX professionals have considered using data to raise the bar for their own personal career paths?

At Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience conference, we spoke with Carolyne Matseshe-Crawford, Head of Fan Experience at Fanatics, and asked what advice she’d give to someone looking to pursue a role in technology or further their CX career path. Watch her interview and read the transcript below to hear how embracing data can play an important role in achieving career goals, and ultimately improve brand experiences.


The first piece of the customer experience is really your own employees and the experiences they’re having, and how easy you make it for them to serve your customers or your fans.

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It’s super important to have really good conversations with your leaders and your mentors, because through those conversations, you’re going to get all of that great advice that helps you best highlight your career goals. Then leverage data as part of the way that you highlight your career skills so that people view you as a potential technologist.

There’s a perception that sometimes data can be a bad thing because it’s going to tell you what you did wrong. But part of failing enough times to learn how to get it right is based on data.

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So, instead of being afraid of data because you’ve gotten constructive feedback, you need to take that feedback and leverage the same type of data, because now you’ve got benchmarking to be better than you were before. Data really is the foundation of how you can raise the bar even within your own expectations of self.

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