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How CX Technology Is Changing the Honeymoon Experience

Erin Ollila
August 09, 2019

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Consider the amount of stress that often surrounds a wedding. There’s the planning, trying to accommodate two different families’ wishes, the finances, and the overall nerves that come along with the big day. So, when it comes time for the honeymoon, newlyweds simply want to relax, take a breath, and enjoy each other’s company — in a beautiful location, of course.

But with all the anticipation also comes serious expectations. Here are a few ways that CX technology is delivering on a modern honeymoon experience.

Choosing your location with the help of virtual reality

Not sure where to travel for your honeymoon? Deciding where you’ll go is a huge decision. One that’s made more difficult if the newlyweds-to-be can’t agree on where they want to travel.

But, that might be a problem of the past. With the help of virtual reality (VR), couples can now put themselves into resorts to get a feel for the experience before booking any travel.

Better yet, some companies are matching couples with locations based on algorithms. A service called Virtual Honeymoon boasts the ability to narrow the search to two different places for individuals who use their platform. After answering some questions and receiving their matches, guests can then explore those two locations with VR before settling on their favorite spot.

Letting guests fund your honeymoon

Creating a wedding registry is much different now than it was a few decades ago. With the rise of young couples cohabitating before marrying, newly engaged couples simply don’t need another serving set or additional hand towels. They already have them! However, guests still want to celebrate their union with gifts, so people are still registering. But the last decade has drastically changed what people can register for, and how guests can shop for their gifts.

Instead of registering with specialty and department stores, couples can sign up for crowd-funded registries that focus on travel and experiences. Take Honeyfund, as an example. On it, couples can register for gifts like airfare, nights at a hotel, couples massages, excursions, or rounds of their favorite drinks. In addition, couples are able to link other stores with actual merchandise as part of their universal registry tool.

Memorializing the event

Move over wedding photographers. The newest way to document your special moments includes honeymoon photography. This trend is just beginning, but is expected to rise in popularity.

While the idea of documenting the newlyweds’ every move may feel vain to some, it’s not necessarily all about appearances. Nicole Smith, founder of Flytographer mentions in a New York Times article that hiring local photographers is a great way for couples to get fully immersed in the regional culture. Mark and Janice Temenak, a newly married couple that used the company for their Canary Islands honeymoon, told the Times that it was like having their own personal tour guide.

The perfect honeymoon isn’t a cookie cutter experience, but one that is perfectly-tailored to the wants and needs of the newly married couple. With these rapid advances to CX technology and customer experience, who knows what the honeymoon of the future will be like!

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